Cupshe Review: What to Know Before You Buy (2024)

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Cupshe Review

An Honest Cupshe Review

If you’ve been looking for an affordable swimsuit online, you’ve probably come across the brand Cupshe a few times. But what exactly is Cupshe, is it even legit or good quality?

I am going to break down everything you need to know before ordering in this honest Cupshe review. I’m going to cover online ordering, quality, fit, and return policy for Cupshe.

When I order anything online, I always know it might be a hit or miss- especially since I am midsize, 6 feet tall, and have a large chest. Not only does the item need to fit me, but it also needs to be tall girl friendly!

To create this review, I’ve ordered a few things from Cupshe, including this long crochet swimsuit coverup, and the quality really surprised me. In fact, I have a full youtube video of my trying on a few styles from Cupshe- even the ones that didn’t work out.

Is it worth spending money on Cupshe? Let’s get into this juicy Cupshe Review.

Cupshe review
Dark Green Floral One Shoulder on Amazon

First of all, Is Cupshe legit?

Yes, Cupshe is a legit website and is not a scam. When you order items from Cupshe, your swimsuits will be delivered and are made up of actual good quality.

Cupshe is a relatively new brand that started in 2015. Cupshe is known for its affordable swimsuits, coverups, clothes, and accessories and is based out of China, with a warehouse in New Jersey, and designed in Los Angeles.

Their motto is to “empower women everywhere to look and feel their best in quality, stylish, affordable swimwear.”

Additionally, Cupshe is designed for all body shapes in mind with 4x sizing– noting that every woman should have access to quality affordable swimwear. That is something I can get behind!

Cupshe Pros & Cons

Cupshe Pros

  • Hundreds of swimsuit styles
  • Budget-friendly. Mostly everything is under $45!
  • Inclusive sizing up to 4X
  • Free US Shipping for orders over $49
  • Cupshe sells coverups, dresses, athleisure, and accessories
  • Discount codes are available for extra savings
  • Sold on and other retailers like Amazon.

Cupshe Cons

  • Shipping takes a while (in my experience about 8 days including weekends)
  • No shipping updates
  • Return Policy Quirks
Cupshe Review
Marsala Twist High Waisted Bikini on Amazon

Marsala Twist High Waisted Bikini. Wearing a size L. The highrise fits me more like a mid-rise and the color is more orange than pink as shown on the website. 

Cupshe Shipping

How long does Cupshe take to ship?

From my experience with ordering from Cupshe, my order took 8 days including weekends from when I ordered the swimsuits to when it was delivered.

Because Cupshe does ship from China, it does take longer to arrive.

My experience with Shipping:

I opted to use the VIP Free Expedited Shipping 5-7 Business Days shipping method because a) it was free b) the $12.99 option still could have taken 5 business days.

Cupshe Shipping
Tip: Use Free Shipping

The interesting thing about my order was that I never got an update on when the items were processed or shipped. 7 full days later with no update, I was getting concerned about if and when the items were even shipped.

The next day, I got an email confirmation from my apartment building that my package arrived. I was a bit surprised because I didn’t even know that the order shipped.

The shipping label on the package said express 1-day air. All of my items were in the package, and nicely wrapped.

My guess is Cupshe takes a while to process online orders and covers their tracks by expedited 1-day air shipping once the items are processed. Just me speculating.

I would have loved more updates on my order, including when the items shipped. If you don’t have a secure location for getting packages, an update is really essential!

In short, if you need your swimsuit in a pinch you can order it on Amazon. Just note they have fewer styles than the actual Cupshe website, and some might not be on Amazon Prime.

Cupshe Review
Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit on Amazon

One of my most worn Cupshe Swimsuits (wearing size L). So flattering and looks way more expensive than it is and comes in 20+ colors!

Cupshe Sizing Review

Alright ladies, buckle up for what I am about to tell you…

The majority of Cupshe 2-piece swimsuits are bundled together so when you order your size it’s for both the top and bottom.

For me, this has always been a concern, especially since I have a larger chest, and I usually like to order a cupped-size swimsuit top or the largest size usually available.

However, I actually have not run into an issue with their 2-piece swimsuits not fitting, even though I have to order the same size for the top and bottom.

In fact, their tops surprisingly fit my large chest!

But hold up, Cupshe has Swimsuit separates too!

If the whole same size for your top and bottom is not your thing,  Cupshe does sell swimsuit separates. Meaning, that you can buy a swimsuit top and bottom separately and get your appropriate size for each.

My go-to pick for a swim separately is this Criss Cross Bikini Top & this High Cut Bikini Bottom for a sexy and sophisticated affordable swimsuit!

Does Cupshe Run Small?

I find that Cupshe Swimsuits run true to size.

I order a size L across the board for one-piece swimsuits, two-piece swimsuits, and coverups. By looking at the size chart below, my chest and body size all fit within the size L categories- so the fit is definitely true to size.

Something to note, however, each individual swimsuit, coverup, and dress will have its own size chart but it doesn’t differ too much from the one listed below.

Below I have listed the size guide for the Cupshe Swimsuits.

Cupshe Swimsuits

Cupshe is most known for its wide selection of swimsuits. Swimsuits range in all kinds of styles, and colors, and are available up to 4X.

After trying on loads of Cupshe Swimsuits, there are a few things I look out for when finding my next favorite swimsuit. Cupshe has a great search bar that pulls up the exact style I am looking for. Some keywords I use are:

  • Square Neck
  • Underwire Bikini
  • High Cut Bottom
  • Ribbed Material
  • Specific colors

These are my personal favorite types of Cupshe swimsuits to look out for, and the search bar pulls up great results- so it’s a great user experience!

Cupshe All-Time Favorites: 

cupshe swimsuit review

Cupshe Tummy Control V-Neck: My go-to Cupshe swimsuit that has a classic design, a flattering fit, and looks more expensive than it is. This one-piece has a ruched stomach detail that hides any insecurities and has a v-cut that doesn’t show too much skin.

It’s great for any occasion where you need to be in a swimsuit all day long.

Cupshe Black One Piece Swimsuit
Black Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit

(Pictured Above) Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit: One word to describe this swimsuit is: FLATTERING!

This swimsuit has ruching along the stomach to hide any unwanted attention- which is super flattering for all body types. Plus, this shows some cleavage without being ‘too much’. I have this in black and olive green.

Cupshe Review
Scalloped One Piece Swimsuit

(Pictured Above) Black Knotted Scalloped One Piece Swimsuit: Pretty much obsessed with this one. This one-piece swimsuit has a flattering cut-out with scalloped detail. The quality is great on this swimsuit, and the fit is amazing.

Cupshe Swimsuit
Deep V Wired One Piece

Cupshe Deep V Wired One Piece: If you’re looking to show off some cleavage, this deep v one-piece swimsuit is for you! I am obsessed with this cobalt blue color, but this style also comes in classic shades like black and navy.

P.S. I could go on and on but I’ve narrowed my top 13 items from Cupshe in my Favorite Cupshe Swimsuits post.

Cupshe Misses- Thank You Next

Cupshe Swimsuit Review
Chest area too small for me personally

(Pictured Above) Bianca Dusty Pink Halter One Piece Swimsuit: I actually LOVE this style, but the fit on me just did not work. My chest is too big to fit within the cups; and since the back is lower cut, there was just not enough support for me. Have a smaller chest? This would be perfect for you!

Eliza Halter One Piece: This swimsuit, in particular, ran a little big, and there was too much room in the chest area for me to fill out. And because this had no support in the back due to the low-cut style,  I just felt too loose in the top area to feel comfortable at the beach.

To sum it up, the swimsuits that were a miss for me were off because of fit for my body. There was nothing necessarily wrong with the quality of the swimsuits.

I know for my personal style, low deep v-neck halter swimsuits just do not work for me. This brings me to my next point: are Cupshe swimsuits good quality?

Are Cupshe Swimsuits Good Quality?

I find that Cupshe Swimsuits are actually good quality considering the price point. I have bought similar styles on Amazon within the same price range, and Cupshe Swimsuits are considerably better.

Cupshe swimsuits don’t seem to have fit issues like other swimsuits within the same price point. The stitching and material stay intact, even after washing. And I personally have not run into any color bleeding out when in the water. Plus, the removable cups aren’t awkwardly shaped.

And to make your swimsuits stay in the best shape, always rinse after swiming in chlorine or salt water. And use cold water when washing, and hang dry out of direct sunlight.

Now if I get really technical, the only difference I see between Cupshe swimsuits vs my $150+ swimsuits is one detail in the stitching.

The seams on Cupshe swimsuits are visible whereas, on my more expensive swimsuits, the seam is hidden- which requires more work on the stitching- hence more expensive swimsuits.

Overall the quality of Cupshe swimsuits is great considering the price point. They can be compared to swim items from Abercrombie & Target.

Cupshe Coverups

Now let’s talk about Cupshe Coverups! Besides swimsuits, coverups are favorite my category on the website.

Most, if not all, are under $40 and really elevate your beach look- on a budget. I am obsessed with the knit crochet styles, and the fabric is surprisingly soft and buttery.

Cupshe Coverup
Kimono Coverup on Amazon

Favorite Cupshe Coverups

Sleeveless V-Neck Coverup: If you need one new coverup- this is it! I love this style so much because it looks way more expensive than it is, plus it elevates your beach outfit. (runs true to size)

Crochet Beach Coverup: A new Cupshe style I just love! It’s super soft to the touch and comes in a few different colors.

Kimono CoverupThis coverup is perfect for vacation because it’s made of sheer material that packs up so small! The patterned design makes it look more expensive than it is.

Oversized White Long Sleeve Coverup: This one is just so easy to wear and it goes with all my swimsuits. It is oversized, so you may want to consider sizing down for a more fitted look. I went with my true size and liked the oversized vibe.

Cupshe Dresses & Loungewear

Cupshe not only has swimsuits and coverups, which they are most known for, but Cupshe also has a wide variety of summer dresses and loungewear. 

I have tried a few styles of Cupshe dresses, and here’s where I get into way more fit issues. The dresses are not the best quality, as expected with the price point, and I would order with a word of caution. 

The problem that I found with Cupshe dresses is the overall fit. As someone who is midsize, 6 feet tall, with a large chest finding a dress that was not only long enough but fit all the other areas of my body was a challenge for my body type. It’s such a shame too because there are some really cute affordable options. 

When shopping for dresses, check to see what the material is. I found the 100% cotton dresses to be better quality.

Favorite Cupshe Dresses

Cupshe Dress

Not all the dresses were a bust, however! And I have worn a few religiously throughout the summer including this palm leaf off-shoulder dress. 

More Favorites:

Palm Leaf Off-Shoulder Dress: This style is super flowy and comfortable to wear. I love the fact that it has a slit, and it comes in two other tropical patterns.

Selena Floral V Neck Dress: Love the bold yellow and white color on this dress. This is a great affordable maxi beach dress.

Off the Shoulder Smocked Dress: Such a cute off-the-shoulder neutral dress. You can wear a black strapless bra with this if you need it, and it won’t show through the dress. The buttons however are sewn on and not real, but still an overall cute dress for $25!

Cupshe Discount Codes

Yes, Cupshe does offer discount codes, and if you want to save I have you covered:

Cupshe Discount Code – Use code Berez15 for 15% off orders $70+ or Berez20 for 20% off orders $109+ until May 2022!

Cupshe Student Discount

If you are a student, you can $10 off orders over $85. All you need to do is verify your student status with student beans directly on the website.

Cupshe Return Policy

I noted at the beginning of this post that the Cupshe Return Policy was a Cupshe Miss. Here’s why: you have to pay for the shipping of the return yourself & only SOME items are eligible for returns.

Let’s get into the fine lines of the return policy, shall we?

  • Cupshe accepts returns of unworn, unwashed items of unworn, unwashed items in original condition with product tags and hygiene liners attached within 30 days of delivery.
  • Any items returned after the 30-day window will be sent back to your address, and you have to pay for those extra delivery costs.
  • Items designated on the site as non-returnable are not available for return.
  • Bracelets, earrings, bags, beach blankets, towels, swimming rings, and floaties are not eligible for returns (unless there is a quality issue)
  • Items marked as flash sales, final dales & special sales are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

If you want to return an item, Cupshe provides USPS return labels, but you have to pay for the return yourself and will cost you $9.99 to do so.

To make things easier for exchanges, it is best to start a Cupshe Account. From there you can see your order history and easily facilitate an exchange. If you checked out as a guest, you’ll have to contact customer service and initiate a return.

Cupshe review
Dark Green Floral One Shoulder on Amazon

Cupshe Review Summary

Cupshe is a legit brand based out of China. According to the BBB (Better Business Bureau), Cupshe is not accredited and has received 69 complaints in the past 3 years. Some reports from the BBB have claimed that Cupshe takes online orders & payments, but does not deliver merchandise.

From my experience of ordering Cupshe swimsuits online, I have never run into an issue where my order did not arrive.

Where to buy Cupshe Swimsuits

You can buy Cupshe Swimsuits on (where I have a discount code for my readers).

Cupshe also is sold at a few other retailers including Amazon, Kohl’s, Walmart, and Target.

If you want to see new and more style options, has a lot more variety and special collaborations with influencers.

However, if you are looking for more reviews and fast shipping, many Cupshe swimsuits are available on Amazon Prime with free returns.

Looking to purchase Cupshe swimsuits? My thoughts:

  • Cupshe offers a wide variety of size-inclusive trendy styles
  • The majority of swimsuits run true to size. Check the size chart of each individual item to double-check your order to ensure the right size.
  • Cupshe has a great search bar to easily find the exact style you are looking for
  • Cupshe offers discount codes throughout the year so you can save even more
  • I find that Cupshe swimsuits are of great quality for the price without any major fit issues, similar to Target, Abercrombie, Etc.
  • Free shipping takes 5-7 business days (from my experience over the weekend took 8 full days)
  • Note the return policy. Not all items are available for return.  It’s best to make sure you know you are ordering the right size so there is no hassle after you have received your item.

Cupshe is not a scam website, and if you are concerned about your order, make an account with Cupshe so it’s easier to find your order if there is an issue with it. When you have an account, all your order history will be available for you and the brand to see.

Overall, I love that I can find cute swimwear, coverups, and clothing for a reasonable price. The overall quality and style options are great for when I want to switch up my beach outfit looks.

Because of my size, being 6 feet with a larger chest I always found ordering the correct size for swimsuits online to be a challenge. Cupshe size L works perfectly for me, and I feel confident about ordering more swimsuits in the future.

Let me know below if you had a different online shopping experience with Cupshe.

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  1. I’m so glad you reviewed this brand. I purchased some of the same bathing suits you’ve reviewed and I loved them as well – from fit to quality and everything else.

    I didn’t have the same issues with tracking my order or delivery times. Recently, I placed two orders and selected express shipping because of time. Both were received within two to three business days and were delivered a day early. I also received several text messages from DHL which I signed up for. I live in Brooklyn so this is most likely due to the warehouse they have in NJ but I found my orders were delivered quickly when I lived in CA but not like here.

    I’ve enjoyed the part of their return policy where if you take a credit rather than a refund, you get a coupon for more than the refund amount (I think it’s 130%) and you get to keep the bathing suit(s) you would have otherwise returned. The bathing suits I would have returned (usually too high cut, boobs don’t fit, color unflattering, etc) are donated with the tags still on and the hygiene strip in place.

    My experiences with customer service have been exceptional. On one order, my items were sent to my old address in CA. It was an oversight on my part when I checked out but they were happy to reship my order to the correct address. They provided a coupon code for the full purchase amount and I was able to reorder my items and have them shipped to my correct address.

    I’ve not yet tried their coverups will be doing so now based on your review.


  2. Does CUPSHE charge from out of the US? I placed an order and my credit sent me a message that a charge was made outside of the US. I just want to be sure, I did use the CUPSHE app.

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