31+ Comfy Airport Outfits to Wear Year Round

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Comfy Airport Outfit Ideas

Comfy Airport Outfits

Looking for your next cute and comfy airport outfits for your next getaway? This post has you covered.

As a full-time travel blogger, I am always on the go and always looking for chic yet comfortable travel outfits that I can wear for even the longest flights.

I’ve tested out wearing numerous things and have put together my favorite cute airport outfits, and travel outfit ideas and inspiration for your next trip.


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AirEssentials Set

If you’re looking for comfy- look no further than this AirEssentials Set from Spanx. I tried this set in black last year, and I literally only wore this on all of my flights. This year they added even more colors!

comfy travel outfits
Shop the Look: Spanx AirEssentials Set

The material is buttery soft and lightweight but still adds warmth. You won’t get overheated on your flight or have any unnecessary sweats when wearing this. I’ve washed mine plenty of times and it still looks brand new. I couldn’t recommend this enough for any airplane outfit.

airport outfit ideas

And, this set has made the “Oprah’s Favorite Things” list for 2023!

PS. Spanx has given my readers 10% off any order with code: DANAXSPANX



A great pair of leggings will pull together plenty of cute airport outfits.  I love these best-selling leggings from Amazon (comparable to the Lululemon align leggings).

They are buttery soft and comfortable for the longest flights, and they come in so many different colors.

Airport outfit leggings
Shop: Amazon Leggings


If leggings aren’t your thing, I also recommend these loose-fitting yoga pants from Amazon for long flights. They have pockets and are incredibly comfortable to wear because the waistband is super stretchy and the material is buttery soft.

I recommend getting these in darker colors as they tend to pile after a few washes, but nonetheless, I still love them!

wide leg leggings
Shop: Amazon Wide Leg Legging


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Camel on Camel

I love this color combination because it looks super chic, and you can easily recreate this airport style. Just grab your favorite neutral set and pair it with your favorite sunglasses, and sneakers for a casual yet comfy airport outfit.

Comfy Airport Outfits
Image: Camila Coelho

Get the all Camel look inspired by Camila Coelho from Amazon below.

Amazon Airport Outfit Idea
Shop on Amazon: All Neutral Outfit


Comfy Airport Outfits
Shop the Outfit: Alo Yoga



A blazer is a great way to dress up your airport outfit, especially if you are on a business trip. But you can still keep it comfy by wearing your blazer over your favorite sweater and leggings.

I love this combination because you can wear your blazer on your trip to save room in your luggage.

This oversized blazer from Amazon has been my go-to, and I’m going to style this at the airport soon. Size up for a looser fit.

Comfy Airport Outfits
Photo: Camila Coelho
Amazon Airport Outfit Idea
Shop on Amazon: Blazer Airport Outfit



Wearing trousers to the airport is a great way to look elevated, yet stay comfortable on a flight. Get a pair with some stretch to them so they move with your body. Plus if you have a meeting as soon as you land, you’ll just look more put together.

I personally love these trousers from Amazon. They have a cropped ankle and loose fit around the hips! (I own them in 2 colors and I would absolutely wear them on a plane)

Amazon Airport Outfit
Shop on Amazon: Trouser Airport Outfit



I know this post is all about comfy airport outfits, but denim can be a great piece to style your travel outfit. Opt for denim if you have a shorter flight, or want to hit the ground running sightseeing.

Tip: Look for denim that has some stretch to it so you can easily sit and be comfortable. Avoid any rigid 100% cotton denim that offers no stretch.

comfy airport outfits
Shop the Sweater: Revolve $138

Pair a comfortable pullover sweater, or comfy cardigan for a chic airport travel outfit.

Comfy Airport Outfits


Teddy Coat

Pairing an oversized teddy coat is a perfect winter airport outfit. It will definitely keep you warm and will be great if you are flying to a cold destination.

Pair your teddy with either a sweater or chic sweatpants for an effortless look!

Comfy Airport Outfits
Image: Camila Coelho

Comfy Airport Outfits

Shop the look: Long Sherpa Jacket Alo $298


Puffer Vest

Another winter airport outfit is adding a puffer vest. I love this because you can easily take it on or off and adds warmth when you need it. Underneath you can add a long sleeve top and your favorite bottoms for an overall chic look.

Airport Outfit Idea
Shop on Amazon: Puffer Vest Outfit



A comfy black jumpsuit is a chic and simple summer airport outfit idea. You can style the jumpsuit so many different ways: denim jacket, coat, sweater, etc. And it’s easy because it’s only one piece. No need to worry about matching a top or bottom.

This amazon black jumpsuit is a best seller and is perfect for any plane journey.

My only gripe with a jumpsuit is the bathroom situation. You’ll have to pull down your entire top to use the restroom- which can be annoying if you tend to go more often.


comfy airport outfits
Shop the Look: Heartloom Jumpsuit $119
cute airport outfits
Image: Southerncurlsandpearls


Sweatpants and Tank Top

Pairing your favorite tank with these baggy-style sweatpants is an effortless comfortable summer airport outfit! Plus you can always add layers over your tank with a jacket or sweater.

Comfy Airport Outfits
Shop the Look: Pink Lily Pants $36


Cashmere Travel Wrap

A travel wrap is one of my go-to items when traveling because you can wear it as a scarf, as a blanket, or over your shoulders. The cashmere is so lightweight, breathable, soft, and warm! Plus, it has a chic look to it.

While a pure cashmere travel wrap is on the pricier side, I’ve been using the same one for over 3 years from White & Warren.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly alternative, J.Crew has a similar style.

Cashmere Travel Wrap
Shop: J Crew Cashmere Travel Wrap


Cashmere Knit Set

For the ultimate comfort, you can wrap your whole body in a sophisticated cashmere set. Cashmere is such a breathable lightweight material, that is perfect for flying.

This cashmere set is a splurge, so if you want the overall feel of cashmere, I’d recommend going for the cashmere wrap above.

comfy airport outfits


Pullover Sweater

You can totally wear your favorite activewear on the plane. Pair your favorite colored leggings with a similar color sweater for an easy effortless airport style.

Comfy Airport Outfits
Pink Lily: Pull Over Sherpa $58



It’s a coat, and it’s a cardigan, meet the coatagin. This is essentially a cardigan but it has more weight to it, so it’s a bit warmer and acts like a coat. This is great for any fall or winter travel where your destination is a sunny place. You can take off your layers and arrive in style.

This exact coatagin is from Amazon, and while on the pricer side for Amazon- the quality is there and I love the color.

J.Crew also has a similar style sweater blazer in pretty neutral colors.

Comfy Travel Outfits


Black on Black

As a New Yorker, all black everything is my motto. This is a perfect example of comfy airport outfits. Plus I’m sure you have a black sweatshirt and black sweatpants at home.

Add a baseball hat, bag, and sunglasses to style this look and make it effortlessly chic.

Comfy Airport Outfits

Shop the Look: Nike Crewneck Sweater $65

Comfy Airport Outfits


Graphic Sweatshirt

Why not get into the travel mood with a cute destination graphic sweatshirt? This New York hoodie is a chic way to get into the travel mood. Pair this sweatshirt with black leggings, white sneakers, and boots for the ultimate comfy airport outfit.


Comfy Airport Outfits
Shop the Look: New York Sweatshirt $88
Comfy Airport Outfits
Shop the Look: Airplane Mode Sweatshirt $88

Bike shorts and a sweatshirt are great summer airport outfits.

Comfy Airport Outfits
Shop the Look: Jet Lagged Sweatshirt $88


Faux Leather Leggings

I could go on and on about faux leather leggings for airport outfits because they have the comfort of a legging, but they make any outfit look really put together.

I paired my faux leather leggings with my favorite Spanx AirEssentials zip hoodie below.

Find even more outfit Ideas: 27+ Leather Leggings Outfit Ideas to Wear in 2022

comfy Travel Outfits


Long Cardigan

A long cardigan acts both as a sweater, plus the extra fabric can be wrapped around your body for extra warmth. Amazon has plenty of affordable long cardigans that make for a great travel outfit.

Plus you can wear them on your trip, which saves room in your suitcase.

Comfy Airport Outfits

Shop the look: Cardigan $85

Comfy Airport Outfits


Leather Jacket

A leather jacket adds plenty of style and comfort when traveling. It’s a versatile piece that can be worn with jeans or comfy sweats but still dresses up your look.

I love my leather Madewell jacket, it’s buttery soft, and comfortable which is the perfect travel accessory.

comfy airport outfits
Photo: IG Nichole Ciotti


Striped Shirt

Add a little nautical feel with a striped top. I usually tend to gravitate toward solid colors while traveling, but a stripe really adds style, and makes your whole outfit cohesive!

Comfy Airport Outfits
Image: Camila Coelho


Camel Coat

A beautiful winter airport outfit is a statement camel coat. You can wear this over anything- you’re favorite sweats if you’re going for comfort or a nice trouser for a business flight.

Comfy Airport Outfits
Shop the look: Camel Coat $180


Business Chic

If you’re flying for business, these outfits are perfect for comfort and style. A chunky sweater with comfortable trousers is a great business chic look.

I’ve been living in my Abercrombie Trousers this fall, and they are soft enough to travel in.

comfy airport outfits

Add a statement long cardigan for another chic business travel outfit.

comfy airport outfits

Shop the look: Colorblocked Cardigan $258


Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a great piece for a cute summer airport outfit because it’s not too warm, and you can wear it over a tank top in the heat! Plus you can tie this around your waist if it gets too warm.

comfy airport outfits
Photo: Source


White Sneakers

I almost always wear my Adidas Advantage sneakers while traveling. They are super comfortable and under $60 on Amazon!

Adidas Advantage Sneaker
Shop: Adidas Sneakers on Amazon

Plus, you can wear them on your trip which saves room in your suitcase. And they practically go with any travel outfit.

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Airport Outfit Accessories


Adding a pair of sunglasses adds a chic look to your travel outfit. Plus, you can say goodbye to eye makeup!

Belt Bag

These are so handy when traveling because you can keep your important documents, credit cards, cash, and ID in a safe and easily accessible place.

Amazon has a great affordable belt bag that comes in multiple colors.

Amazon Belt Bag
Shop: Amazon Belt Bag



Airport Outfit Undergarments

Just because you can’t see your undergarments, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about them.

A comfortable bra is a must for any travel day. I always gravitate toward this unlined bralette that is so soft it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing any bra. And as someone with a larger chest is a huge plus.

And for a no-show panty line, comfortable underwear is a must. I’ve tried a few different styles, and this mesh thong set is my go-to! They stretch to your body without causing any unwanted tugging.


Airport Outfit Luggage

Now you don’t have to go out and buy all new luggage, but I believe that having a neutral luggage set will always look put together!

I prefer traveling with a carry-on rolling luggage to put in the airplane bin above my seat, and a small duffle or backpack that goes under the seat in front of me.

Travel Backpack for women
Shop: Amazon Travel Backpack

This backpack is made for travel and is perfect if you’re looking to just bring carry-on luggage and have a bag that can fit extra clothing inside. This travel backpack features a large compartment that fits extra clothing perfectly. Plus it’s lightweight and comes in neutral colors.


weekender bag on Amazon
Shop: Weekender Bag on Amazon

Another favorite carry-on bag that fits under the seat in front of you is this black Weekender bag on Amazon. I’ve brought this on all my travels this year and fits everything you’d need on hand on the plane, plus extra clothing.

The zippers on this bag just make sense, and there is a place for everything- including 2 exterior pockets water bottles, and an interior laptop sleeve.


Travel Pro Carry On Suitcase
Shop: Carry-on Suitcase on Amazon

And my go-to carry-on suitcase that is extremely lightweight and expandable. I’ve been traveling with this Travel Pro Maxlite suitcase for a while and it’s held up from all my trips! Plus it’s the preferred suitcase from flight attendants.




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