What to Wear in Vegas in 2024 | Vegas Outfit Ideas

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What to wear in Vegas

What to Wear in Vegas

If you need some Las Vegas outfit ideas or have no idea what to wear in Vegas… don’t worry this post covers it all from what to wear on the Las Vegas Strip, to a pool party to formal attire.

I’ve been going to Vegas every year for the past couple of years, so I’ve seen a lot of outfit inspiration, and I’ve learned what to pack from all my experience packing for a trip there.

Las Vegas has this over-the-top fun glam feeling, so don’t be afraid to pack your sequins, feathers, and your favorite little black dress.

But even if you’re personal style doesn’t call for the glam, I have all of the tips on what to wear in Vegas. The great thing is that anything goes in a destination like Las Vegas, but I’m here to help!

Pack for the Las Vegas Weather

Don’t make this newbie Vegas mistake as I did. I assumed that Las Vegas is HOT all year round so I packed shorts and tank tops on my first visit to Las Vegas in January.

What an awakening. During Winter, Las Vegas is actually chilly and you need to pack light jackets, and long sleeves (the entire opposite of what I brought during that drip).

So, the most important factor when you are packing for Vegas is understanding what time of year you are going and planning accordingly.

Vegas is in a desert climate so it reaches hot temperatures during summer and cooler temperatures during Winter.

What to wear during Winter in Las Vegas

Vegas Outfits
Winter Vegas outfit

During the Winter months, expect the weather to hover in the 60s and drop into the 50s or lower during the nighttime.

I’ll cover more of what to wear in Vegas in this post, but during the winter months during the day I wear jeans and a long sleeve top (without a jacket depending on the wind)

At night, you can wear pants and a nice blouse or wear a long sleeve dress, and a leather jacket to keep warm.

What to wear during Summer in Las Vegas

Outfits for Vegas
Wear Layers even in Summer

During the summer it gets HOT in Vegas. Temperatures reach up to 107 degrees Fahrenheit.

So with that being said, if you plan to walk the strip and do outdoor activities during the day, wear light breathable fabrics like linen, but don’t forget your layers!

The casinos love blasting the air conditioning. So when you go in and out of the casinos you might want to reach for something that covers your shoulders.

At night during summer, the temperatures drop to the low 70s so I like to opt for cocktail dresses, or pants and a nice dress shirt.

Las Vegas Daytime Outfits for Walking the Strip

Vegas Outfits
Summer Daytime Outfit

During the daytime, you’ll want to dress comfortably and casually because you’ll most likely be walking the Strip and through casinos.

Plus you might do some activities like the High Roller, Ziplining, and day trips to Red Rock (see more awesome things to do in Las Vegas) that will require sneakers.

My favorite casual sneaker that is comfortable and affordable is the Adidas Advantage sneakers (you can get them on Amazon) They match all my outfits and I wear them literally every day!

I like to wear either jeans or jean shorts depending on the weather with a long sleeve shirt with a bodysuit underneath during the day. That way I can take off my long sleeve top if it gets too hot- or too cold with the conditioned spaces.

Vegas Outifts

You can also wear summer dresses/ jumpsuits throughout the day. This is a bit more dressy, but it’s a nice way to stay cool during the summer months.

Plus you’ll look great in photos!

If you plan on visiting Red Rock, Grand Canyon,  or Hoover Dam I would wear comfortable athletic clothing like leggings, a tank top with a jacket and sneakers, and a water bottle.

What to wear to a Vegas Pool Party

Vegas Pool Party Outfit
Shop Similar Swimsuit

One of the most iconic things to do in Las Vegas is going to a pool party.

The pool parties start in late March and run throughout the summertime.

Now a Vegas Pool party is essentially a nightclub in a pool setting, so people usually get glammed up more than just going to the hotel pool for the day.

For a Vegas pool party, ladies typically wear swimsuits or bikinis with a cute cover-up. Getting in the pool is optional, but don’t expect to stay completely dry.

Vegas Pool Party Outfits
Coverup from Amazon

Wear your favorite swimsuit or bikini that you feel the most confident in, along with one of your favorite cover-ups. You can keep the cover-up on the entire time, or walk around in just your swimsuit.

I’ve rounded up my favorite swimsuits for big busts and cute swimsuits on Amazon on the blog for more inspiration.

Adding some jewelry/body jewelry can add to your look- along with sunglasses.

I would avoid bringing too many things with you, and a large bag because the pool parties are very crowded and a bit hectic.

vegas pool party outfit ideas
Shop looks

You’ll be walking around to the bar, and different tables, or you might want to get in the water, and you won’t want to carry your things with you around the entire day.

I’d also recommend wearing flats– ones that you don’t mind getting wet, and I would also avoid bringing a large sunhat.

Just bring a small bag with your essentials.

What to wear to a vegas Pool

Las Vegas Outfits
Las Vegas Cabana

Pool parties are fun, but if you plan on enjoying the pool at your hotel to relax and catch some sun, you’ll be able to bring more things with you.

At the hotel pool, you can bring a larger beach tote with your essentials inside. Plus you can wear you’re favorite swimsuit and cover-up.

P.S even if it’s not technically a day club pool party, most pools in Vegas have DJs, upbeat music, cabanas, and an overall lively vibe- you’re in Vegas after all so people tend to add the sequins even at the hotel pool at 10 am.

So pack your favorite swimsuit that you feel the best in!

What to wear in Vegas Pool Party
Swimsuit from Amazon

P.S. this green one-piece swimsuit from Amazon is super flattering and comes in many colors!

To sum it up, for the Vegas Hotel Pool pack these items:

  • Swimsuit
  • Coverups/sarongs
  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen

What to wear at night in Vegas

I love getting glammed up for a night out in Sin City. If you’ve had some fun and dressy clothing hiding in your closet- Las Vegas is the time to bring them all out.

Think little black dresses, cocktail dresses, dressy separates, and statement jewelry.

Plus, dressing up is recommended in Las Vegas as some fine dining restaurants have a  dress code.

For ladies, that means a cocktail dress or dressy separates, and for men collared shirts and dark pants.

Below I’ve listed some outfit ideas for a night out in Vegas.

Little Black Dress

Night Out Vegas Outfits
Shop look on Amazon

An LBD is a classic vegas staple for a night out! You can wear these for drinks, dinner a show, and even a nightclub.

Plus there are so many variations of little black dresses, you can find the perfect one that will flatter you and look chic and sophisticated.

I wore this little black dress from Amazon on my trip to Vegas and it was so flattering. The cutout detail is super flattering and the long sleeves kept me warm as the weather gets cool at night.

Night Out Vegas Outfits
Shop Little Black Dresses on Amazon

Sequins & Rhinestones

Night Out Vegas Outfits
Rhinestone Mesh Top from Amazon

This mesh rhinestone top from Amazon is MUST for Las Vegas outfits. I swear I get compliments every time I wear it.

It’s a one-size-fits-most top and because I have a larger chest, it fits more like a crop top on me. So I pair it with a black strapless bodysuit and it looks stunning!

In fact, I love this top so much that I wore it on two separate trips and it’s great for pre-dinner cocktails, a show, some dining, and for the casino.

Besides my favorite rhinestone top, wearing sequin dresses and tops is another great Vegas outfit idea.

Tip: The best time to get sequin outfits is during the holiday season. During New Year’s Eve you’ll find so many sequin items, but wait until after NYE so they go on sale!

Dressy Tops

You don’t always have to wear a dress for a night out in Vegas. Pair a dressy top with your favorite bottoms for a chic evening look!

Patent Leather Leggings

Night Out Vegas outfits
Night Out Vegas Outfit

If you want to go to the next level with your outfit, try out patent leather leggings!

My favorites are the Spanx and they literally fit like a glove. Plus they add a high shine to your look which is a great contrast with your top. A must for Las Vegas.

P.S. Spanx gave my readers an exclusive discount to save 10% off your order + free shipping when you use the code: DANAXSPANX

Cocktail Dresses

Vegas Outfits
Shop Dresses on Revolve

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with a cocktail dress. I’ve worn a hot pink velvet dress, to a simple black dress and both worked for an evening.

I’m sure you have one in your closet that is appropriate that you can style with the right accessories to get that Vegas glam look.

I’ve found some cocktail dress inspiration from Revolve above.


A jumpsuit is also a good idea. I find these to be so elegant and you can wear them to a nice dinner.

A fun night in Vegas is getting dressed up and going to a restaurant with a view! I’ve compiled a list of the best places to dine with epic views of the strip and Fountains of Bellagio.

What to wear to a Bachelorette Party in Vegas

Vegas Bachelorette Party Outfits
Shop the Entire Image on Amazon

If you’re bringing your “I DO” crew with you, pre-coordinate with your group.

I’ve seen plenty of themed nights where the bride wears white and the group dresses similarly. As well as, themed outfits, shirts, or shashes for walking the Las Vegas Strip and matching pool party swimsuits.

I’ve linked everything in the bachelorette party outfit ideas image above.

If you’re the bride, here is your chance to wear a spectacular white dress or white swimsuit!

vegas pool party outfits
Shop Look

What to wear in Vegas on a Work Trip

Conventions are so popular in Las Vegas, and even though you’re in “Sin City” sticking to a professional outfit is key.

I’d stick to a black or tan blazer, dark denim, and a loafer for a business-chic look.

And depending on the industry you’re in you could add a bit of color and pattern to your look by adding a colored blazer, patterned blouse, and a pop of color with your handbag.

What Shoes to Wear in Las Vegas

You’re going to be doing a lot of walking… did you know the Strip is 4.2 miles long! Just walking from your Hotel Room down to the lobby can take a few minutes.

Bringing comfortable shoes is a must for any Vegas Trip.


shoes to wear in las vegas
Shop Sneakers on Amazon

During the day, I like to wear white sneakers. As I’ve mentioned above, my favorite kind is the Adidas Advantage sneakers. They are comfortable, take no time to break in, and are affordable. (I bring them on ALL my trips & wear them every day in NYC)

Dressy Flats

dressy flats
Shop: Dressy Flats on Amazon

At night I recommend finding a pair of dressy flats. While a heel might look cute in the mirror, actually walking around in heels in Las Vegas is a challenge, and it’s not comfortable.

Instead, find a dressy flat that will work with your evening outfit.

Comfortable Heels

dressy Heel
Shop: Rhinestone Heel on Amazon

Now I know I just said NO HEELS, but this one is for the brave.

If you have a pair of heels that are comfortable enough to walk in for hours with no complaints, by all means, wear them!

A great compromise is wearing a short block heel at 1 or 2 inches.

Let’s just keep it classy and not take them off in public (I’ve seen that way too many times).

Accessories to wear in Las Vegas

Let’s not forget about accessories. Accessories can help take an outfit from day to night plus they hardly take up any room in your suitcase.

Pro tip: bring this jewelry organizer from Amazon with you to keep your jewelry organized when traveling. I’ve included this organizer and other travel essentials in this Amazon Travel Must Haves post.

Here are my favorite accessories to wear in Vegas that elevate any outfit.

Statement Earrings

Statement Earrings
Shop Earrings on Amazon

Amazon has great statement earrings that are affordable and really make your outfit pop.

I love these chandelier earrings to go full glam. They sparkle so much and they go with plenty of outfits.

Another favorite are these gold tassel earrings. These add a hint of shine to your look and are so comfortable to wear.

Sparkle Earrings
Shop: Amazon Chandelier Earrings

Makeup to Wear in Las Vegas

A great way to dress up your look is by adding some statement makeup. Makeup is great because it hardly takes up room in your suitcase, and you can have fun taking your look from daytime to nighttime.

A Red Lip is an easy way to add a dramatic pop of color. My favorite shade is the tried and true OG MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo Retro Matte Lipstick.

Las Vegas Makeup Idea
Shop: Amazon Chandelier Earrings

False Lashes also make your eye makeup more dramatic. Just make sure not to forget the glue. I like to wear the Ardell Demi Whispes and the DUO eyelash glue.

Glitter eye Shadow is perfect for Las Vegas. I’ve been loving this shade from Colorpop. This eyeshadow pot is only $7 and it adds the perfect shine to the lid.

What to wear in Vegas for Men

vegas mens outfit idea
Mens Vegas Outfit Idea Night Out

I didn’t forget about the guys. During the day men can wear casual wear, but during the evening is where things get a bit more strict.

Many dining venues have a strict dress code, and while the ladies can get away with more things, men are the ones they usually target.

I would double-check the specific places you are going, but men should wear a Button down shirt, comfortable dress shoes or smart sneakers, and an optional blazer for an elevated look.

Always wear long pants in the evening and stick to dark denim or black jeans.

What not to Wear in Vegas

As I’ve mentioned above, some venues in Vegas have a strict dress code meaning no athletic wear, flip-flops, shorts, sneakers, etc.

It’s best to double-check ahead of time if the place you’re going has a dress code- just so you don’t have to turn away at the door.

Another thing to pass on is high heels, especially if you know they are not going to be comfortable.

You walk so much in Vegas without realizing it because the hotels and casinos are so huge! Wearing heels all night long is a recipe for disaster.

Instead, opt for a dressy flat or a low heel.

Fun Fact: There are vending machines in Vegas hotels that sell rollable flats because we ladies still love to wear heels in Las Vegas, even though we won’t be able to make it back to the hotel room without taking them off.

Where to shop for Vegas Outfits

Amazon: I curated a folder with pieces that are perfect to wear for Las Vegas so you don’t have to scroll including my go-to affordable & flattering LBD!

Express: Express has great basics like trendy tops, blazers, and great-fitting pants that can be dressed up or down. Plus pieces from Express help you build outfits beyond your trip to Vegas.

Revolve: perfect if you’re looking for a trendy statement piece from dresses, tops, to swim that will turn heads.

Lulus: great affordable options for dresses and tops.

Las Vegas Outfit Inspiration

I’ve put together some Las Vegas Outfits to get you inspired and help you create some new outfit ideas:

Vegas Outfit Ideas
Satin Black Romper
Vegas Outfit Ideas
One Shoulder Top with Trousers
Vegas Outfit Ideas
Dressy Daytime Outfit
Vegas Pool Party Outfits
Vegas Pool Party Outfits
night out vegas outfit
Amazon Little Black Dress
what to wear in Vegas
Amazon Rhinestone Top

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Hope you found some Vegas Outfit ideas and have a better idea of what to wear in Las Vegas. Save this Post to your Pinterest Boards below:

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