Cute Instagram Stickers in 2024 to Make your Stories Aesthetic

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cute instagram stickers

Cute Instagram Stickers

Want to spice up your Instagram Stories? Adding in Cute Instagram Stickers is the easiest way to transform your stories from boring to fun. I’ve created a list of the best Instagram Stickers you can easily find when you need to add more design to your stories. 

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What are Instagram Stickers

Instagram stickers are customized animated gifs you can use on your Instagram Stories. Using stickers can make your stories more interesting and adds that extra flair for a more engaging story. 

How to Use Instagram Stickers

To find Instagram Stickers, head to create a story on your Instagram Page. Once you have your photo or video set for your story, click the ‘face looking button’ on the top right of the screen (shown in photos). That will lead you to another pop-up. Click on ‘GIF’ next. There you can type in the type of stickers mentioned in this post below.  

Tip: Be sure to check your spelling when finding these stickers. Any letters missing will lead you to the wrong gifs or just nothing. An easy way to remember is to get the first half of the words memorized so when you need a cute Instagram Gif you have it on hand and ready to go. 



These Boho stickers are whimsical and fun. I like adding these stickers to my lifestyle photos. Plus, Boho is so easy to remember when searching for new stickers to use. 

Boho White

Just like the one above, except these stickers are all white. I especially like using Boho White when my photo or background is busy. The white really pops and I love the selection from hearts, stars, lines, and more

Tip: Be sure to add in a space between Boho and White. If you style Bohowhite, nothing will show up. 


Type in Floweringwords and you’ll find cute sayings in flashing cursive, as well as some seasonal gifs perfect for the wintertime. 


In need of some pink stickers? Foopklo has some of the cutest combinations from flower clusters, hearts, and sayings. 


These Instagram Stickers are upbeat and adorable. You can find a range of styles from sayings, stars, and perfect additions to your stories. The colors are a sepia beige tone that works well with more vintage styles. 


My go-to is Greendotori. Why? Because it is so easy to remember. You can just type in: Greendot and all of the Instagram stickers pop up. Greendotori has plenty of small white stickers that range from hearts, coffee, stars, sayings, and more. Plus, I can always find a cute Instagram sticker that won’t leave me searching for hours!


The designs from Haley Ivers are some of my favorites. There are cure sayings like, “Me Time” or “Morning Routine” that can add more fun to your stories. There are lots of stars, coffee mugs, hearts, and lines that add a lot of punch and style.


Adorable pink and cute designs! But be sure not to type in “handmade” which will lead you to results that aren’t too cute. 


Need the coziest and cutest designs out there? Type in Hygge, which is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness. Well, these stickers envoke just that. You’ll find cozy mugs, stars, and seasonal stickers that will make you want to stay indoors. 


The Laurenblair stickers give me outdoor, cottage, and homey vibes perfect for a lazy weekend or afternoon. 


My go-to stickers for when I need cute words to summarize my stories. You can find words like: Happy, Wow, Glow, Handmade, Top, Chill, and more. Plus you can find cute hearts and lines to add more interest. 


Calling all outdoorsy people. Oursecond is perfect for you! You can just type: oursec and all of the Instagram gifs will pop up. Choose from tents, trees, campfire essentials, and natural stickers. Perfect for a cabin or outdoors escape. 


Bright, colorful, and tasteful stickers you can use for multiple uses! I love the banana leaves and oranges to add to my morning stories. 


Another favorite for finding cute words to go along with my Instagram story photo. Words range from all topics from food items to moods, and more. To find this even easier, just type in Scriptby.


The perfect Instagram stickers for nearly all types of stories. You can find white and minimal designs with script, flowers, and stars. I am obsessed with the “Weekend Vibes” gif to start off my Friday night. 


Maybe the most popular stickers out there? But for good reason. Vipapier has cute hearts, flowers, and a beautiful muted color scheme. For some reason, I have the hardest time remembering the spelling of this one, so I think of it as vi-pap-ier. 


The next set of Instagram Stickers are just general words I type in when I can’t think of the names from above (it happens)


The best combination of words that are written in cursive. Why I love this one is that it’s easy to remember and offers the cutest sayings. 

Line & Lines

This is my go-to when creating stories. When I want to underline something or break up text in my stories, I always add in a cute line to make it more interesting. You can either type: Line or Lines and you’ll have some different results. 


Can we talk about how cute the color palette is from the Neutral Stickers? You can find an assortment of cute stickers that really make your stories come to life. Hearts, arrows, and lines will help create interest. 

Paint & Brush

Type in Paint or Brush and you’ll find cute paint brush marks that I like to use behind text. It is way more interesting than a plain background and draws attention to what you are typing in your stories. 


If you search: Tape, you will find similar results as ‘Paint’ and ‘Brush’ except you’ll get more different styles. This also works great behind text or covering a fake polaroid.


Just like the name suggests, Simple has plenty of basics (in a good way). Try a simple daisy, or simple shape to really enhance your designs. 

Square & Rectangle

Ever just need a basic shape? I love using ‘square’ or ‘rectangle’ to hide my new posts, or to simply create a cool background that moves. 

Tip: This also works for circles, triangles, etc!


Did you know you can simply just type in an emoji and similar stickers will show up? Now I checked some random emojis and not all of them have related stickers. If it seems like the gifs are taking a long time to load, it means that that particular emoji doesn’t exist. 

I used for the examples a celebration, a ring, and a pretzel emoji. These are the results that I got: 

I hope you found some cool new stickers to use on your Instagram stories! Tag me on Instagram so I can see your creations. 


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