Sitting Poses for Photos: How to Pose Sitting Down

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Sitting PosesSitting Poses

Need some ideas on how to pose sitting down? I have got you covered. Listen, posing sitting down can be downright awkward, where do you put your legs? What do I do with my hands? 

In this post, I am going to give you plenty of sitting poses you can try on your next photoshoot with friends for Instagram posts and tips on how to look natural and great in photos. Let’s get into the list:


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Lean Back on a chair

Let’s start off the list with a fun and easy sitting pose. All you have to do is lean back and your posing is done. This works great if you have a chair or cabana in my case.

Why I love this Pose: This pose is so natural and a perfect way to look relaxed in your photos. You can either cross your legs or angle them to one side. 


Sit on a Curb

No matter where you live, you are bound to have some street curbs you can take photos on, which makes this pose perfect for everyone.  

Why I love this Sitting Pose: I like taking photos sitting on curbs because it frames your street/ background beautifully. Try to find an aesthetic place in your city or town and let the photos begin. 

Squat Pose

how to pose sitting down

Ready for a little leg workout? This squat pose will make your legs burn for a little but offers a unique angle to your photos. Plus, you won’t get any of your clothes dirty by sitting on the ground. 

I like to rest my hands on my face or chin and move my shoulders to create more of an angle. 


Look over Shoulder 

Probably my go-to pose when sitting down would be looking back over my shoulder while leaning back. Have the person taking your photo stand behind you to take this photo. You can do this pose on any kind of surface, steps, ledge, ground, etc. 

Why I love this Sitting pose: This pose is super playful and fun. I like to raise my shoulder so it’s just touching my chin to add an even cuter pose. 

Peace Sign Pose

sitting poses for pictures

Instead of just sitting down, why not raise an arm and show a peace sign! One of the easiest sitting poses for Instagram, plus it’s so cute. 

Tip: Adding a fun, happy face with this pose makes it look really effortless. I also like to lean my head to the side to make it more natural-looking! Or like my example, you can face away from the camera and just lean to one side.


Sit on Stairway Pose

sitting down poses

Find a cute stairway and have a photoshoot! I personally love the fun angles you can create on a stairway. Plus you’ll be eye level with the person taking your photo making your scene really stand out. 

Why I love this pose: Sitting on a stairway adds a casual vibe to your photo. To make this pose look great, extend one leg out further than the other leg, and lean casually to one side. 

Sitting on a Windowsill

sitting down poses

If you happen to come across a beautiful windowsill, I suggest you sit there and take some photos. This photo was taken at the Top of the Rock Observatory and the view was just stunning. While you may not be near the Top of the Rock, you can create this pose on nearly all windowsills. 

Why I love this pose: We look out windows for view, and sitting on a windowsill offers a peaceful relaxed vibe. I like to hold my knees up or rest one leg down. 



Sitting Poses

Get your legs ready, because you are about to add some kicks in your photos! This is definitely easier on a chair or bench but you could try this sitting on the ground as well. I lifted both my legs up so the leg in the air would look parallel to my other leg. 

Why I love this pose: Kicking adds action and movement to your photo, and in the process, you can come out with some natural and candid moments that look great in photos. 

Tip: Put your camera or phone in high-speed continuous and burst mode so you can pick the best photo of the kick in the process. 

Pretzel Sitting Pose

How to pose sitting down


The pretzel pose is exactly what it’s called. Put your legs in a pretzel, as you did in preschool and you have a simple cute pose idea. You can rest your hand on your legs, or on your face. 

Why I love this sitting pose: This pose is super casual and offers a laid back feel! And for more interest, you can always add in a prop. 


Sit on Knees

Picture Poses

One of the easiest poses on the list. Simply sit on your knees! I particularly like this pose taken on an angle vs being shot straight on. You can see more angles of my body and it looks so beautiful.

Tip: don’t put all of your weight in your legs. Try to raise your butt muscle up so your legs will look more elongated in the photo and not smushed. 


Cross Legs Pose

My go-to sitting pose (even when I am not taking photos) is to cross my legs. This is perfect if you are just warming up to the camera because it’s such a natural pose we do in our daily lives. 

Tip: When doing this pose, be sure to lean forward to make more angles with your body. You can also put your hand on your legs for more support. 


Knee Up

Placing one knee up creates such a fun cool pose that is easy to do when you are not around any chairs, ledges, etc. 

Steps: Sit on the ground and place one knee up, while the other knee stays near the ground. You can hold your knee up by wrapping your arms around it gracefully, or you can rest one arm on your knee and pose. 


Lean Back on Ground

Okay, not going to lie I felt so awkward doing this pose in from the Acropolis in Athens, however it turned out so cool and it’s one of my favorite photos to date. And while I’m not laughing in the photo, I was after the fact because I was having so much fun.

Anyway, this pose is super simple (and maybe a little awkward) but all you have to do is lean all the way back, extend your legs forward and pose. 

Tip: Have your head backward just a bit to look relaxed. 


Zipped Up Sitting Pose

This one is similar to the one knee pose, however, this time grab both your knees and hug them to your body. This is a simple and relaxed pose that works great with all kinds of scenery. 

Steps: Sit on the ground, grab your knees, and lean your body forward creating this zipped-up look. 


L shape Pose

I’m going to be honest, this photo from Positano is my all-time favorite photo because this pose was on fire! While this pose may look complicated you can complete this in a couple of steps.

Steps: Sit down on a chair or ledge, from your knees bring both your legs to the side, hold them by pointing your toes. 

This pose adds tons of interest to your photos, and it’s one of my go-to’s for a unique style. 

Tip: Be like a dancer and point your toes, always! This elongates your legs which makes you look taller. Pointing your toes always makes you look more elegant. One of my favorite tips. 


Relaxed Pose

Last but not least is summing all the poses above and creating a relaxed sitting pose you can take anywhere. Whether you are sitting down on the ground or surface just relax and pose. It’s amazing how natural you will look if you just sit how you normally would. 



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Hope you found some new sitting poses for Instagram! Tag me on Instagram so I can see how they turned out!

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