Miami Packing List: What To Pack For Miami

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Miami Packing List: What To Pack For Miami

Hey Friends! I am going to Miami next week for my birthday, and I thought it would be fun to share my Miami packing list for a four day trip to Miami. I have the tendency to overpack by adding in last-minute things to my luggage, but I will be only taking carry-on luggage so I will cautious about what I will pack! 

Be sure to check out my Miami travel guide, if you are headed to Miami. It’s everything you need to know and top things to see and do!

Updated: July 2020

Plane Essentials

Sleep is my main priority when it comes to flying, especially when my flight is at 6 AM. I will be using the sleep-mask the most, but if I can’t fall asleep I will have my laptop, my Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, and my cell phone to keep busy. Of course with any flight, staying hydrated is super important!

Miami Packing List


Travel Toiletries & Makeup Essentials

When I am taking a carry-on suitcase only, I try not to bring too much makeup and toiletries. However, I always tend to sneak in some extra lipsticks right before I leave for the airport. They are so small, why not have lots of colors to choose from. 

For Miami, I particularly like bringing 3-4 different shades of lipsticks to brighten and change up my look without having to pack another outfit. 

Sunscreen is also a must when packing for Miami. 

Space Hack: I never like bringing full-size products with me on vacation. One, they may be over the TSA limit, and two it just takes up way to much space. What I like to do instead is purchase small travel size bottles and put my favorite products inside.

Muji has my favorite selection of bottles. You can find a variety of spray bottles, squeeze tubes and pumps, perfect for your product needs. 

travel makeup essentials

Products Shown:


What To Wear In Miami

Swimwear & Beach Cover-Ups

For a four day trip to Miami, I packed 3 swimsuits in total. One-piece, and two pieces. Usually, I tend to take over 6 swimsuits with me when I go to a beach vacation because they are so small and easy to pack. However, this time I wanted to keep things more streamlined & minimal. 

Since Miami is such a fun colorful city, bringing a swimsuit in a neon color is always fun. 

Don’t forget to pack your sunglasses that you can wear going to the beach, getting lunch, or exploring Miami Beach.

Packing Tips:

Coordinate Colors: One of the best packing tips I have is to bring items that coordinate together. For example, bringing along a black or white cover-up will go with any swimsuit you bring. I always bring a white long sleeve cover-up on every beach vacation I go to. It’s perfect for the beach, or to wear if it gets cold at night. 

One-Piece Swimsuit: I love bringing a solid one-piece swimsuit on any beach trip. It’s perfect for the beach, but can also be worn walking around with short. It has a dual purpose! 

Beach Coverups for Miami:

Swimsuits for Miami:

Outfits to Explore Miami

Of course, we want to hit the beach as much as possible, but we also are going to explore some of the best things to do in Miami. Our list includes Vizcaya Museum, Wynwood, and Brickell. I packed comfortable tops to pair either with shorts, or whitewashed denim pants depending on the humidity, and my favorite floral romper. I also packed plain casual T-shirts just to have more options once in Miami.

Dinner Outfits & What To Wear In Miami Clubs

Miami is such a fun city to go out in. Whether you are going to a nightclub, dinner, or just exploring around, these looks are great. For dinner, I like wearing a nice dress along with some heels. 

Some favorite items include a body-con dress and a comfortable dressy romper. All of these outfits work well with my simple black heels!

Miami Packing List


How to Pack For Miami

My suitcase is a standard carry-on with a zipper side and an open side. I place all my clothes on the zipper side and leave my shoes and makeup on the other. I use a Muji pack to secure some hard to fold clothes to create more room in the luggage. Now I am all ready for Miami! 

Miami Packing List Miami Packing List Miami Packing List Miami Packing List
Hope you enjoyed my Miami Packing List!

Leave a comment below with some of your packing tips! I would love to hear from you!

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