Honest Polene Bag Review: Are they Worth It?

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Polene Bag Review

Polene Bag Review

Thinking about getting a Polene Bag? Let this be the only Polene Bag review you need. Over the past few years, I’ve been adding more and more styles to my collection and know these bags in and out.

In fact one of my most asked questions on my Youtube Channel is 1) what bag is that 2) where can I get one?

I’ll go over in depth all six Polene styles sharing my pros & cons of each bag including the viral Polene Numero Dix.

Plus I’ll let you know what style is my absolute favorite and give tips on picking out what color to get! Now let’s get into this honest Polene Bag review.


UPDATE: As on January 2024, there has been an $80-$100 increase in price on Polene Bags. I have updated the post accordingly.



What are Polene Paris Handbags?

Is Polene a good Brand?

A little about the Polene brand. Polene Paris was founded in 2016 by three siblings to create high-quality leather goods with minimal, unique, and signature shapes- with quality craftsmanship at the forefront.

All leather is sourced from Italian and Spanish-certified tanneries. Handbags are designed in Paris and made in Ubrique, Spain, where most of the worlds luxury handbags are manufactured.

What I love about Polene is the price point.

Where other luxury designer handbags can easily be priced over $1,500 on the low end, Poléne bags are all under $600 USD with the same high quality and long-lasting materials with a designer aesthetic.


Polene Numero Dix

Polene Numero Dix
Polene Numero Dix

The Numero Dix is the best-selling bag from Polene and it’s available in 17 colors. I believe this was the bag that put Polene on the map in the US with numerous TikTok unboxings and Polene bag reviews.

Features: The Numero Dix is a smaller moon-shaped bag with an adjustable strap to make a cross-body or as shoulder bag made with certified Italian calfskin leather.

Color: Black Leather. While this bag comes in many colors, black is always a classic and goes with literally everything.

Wearability: Because of the half-moon saddle style of this bag, I tend to wear this as an everyday weekend bag.

I personally wear it as a cross body and it gives my outfit a more chic look rather than a vinyl Lululemon crossbody.

The inside is quite narrow with a zipper opening, so don’t expect to fit too much inside. I usually fit my cell phone, wallet, hand lotion, gum, & lip gloss comfortably. I can try to squeeze a small camera, but it’s pushing it.

Con: My only con about this bag is if you stuff it, it’s hard to close and it can get quite heavy on your shoulder if you wear it as a cross-body.

Because of the size, this is my go-to errand, weekend, and everyday casual bag.

Price: $580 USD


Polene Numero Neuf Mini

Polene Neuf Mini
Polene Neuf Mini in Taupe Leather

At first, I was unsure about this very structured mini bag, however, I’m obsessed with the Numero Neuf Mini for its unique style. Trust me, once you wear it out the door, everyone will be asking where you got your bag.

@danaberez New Polene bag unboxing! This is the numero neuf mini in taupe. Love the mini size and color- perfect year round. #poleneparis #poleneunboxing #polenebag #polenenumeroneuf ♬ Beautiful – SHYY BEATS

Features: Made with certified Italian calfskin leather and 100% cotton lining, this bag has a unique shape that keeps its hold!

Color: Taupe Leather. This color is a dream. It’s a chameleon color with a light neutral greyish color that matches with everything throughout all seasons with a button clasp closure.

Polene Neuf Mini
Polene Neuf Mini Taupe Leather

Wearability: Surprisingly, I get so much use out of this bag. While there is a cross-body strap. I prefer the look as a top handbag that lays comfortably on the wrist.

I wear the Numero Neuf Mini both as a day or evening bag if headed to events, or want to dress up my casual look.

This does come in a larger size, however the mini in my opinion can get more use as you can wear it as an evening bag.

But don’t be fooled by the size of the mini because it does fit a lot inside. I can fit all my daily essentials comfortably.

Con: My one con about this bag is the opening is quite small, so when you put your things inside, smaller items can get lost on the bottom. You might have to dig for some time.

Price: $520 USD


Polene Numero Sept Mini

Polene Numero Sept Mini
Polene Numero Sept Mini Black Leather

Now I love all my Polene bags, but the Numero Sept Mini might be my ultimate favorite.

Features: This structured mini bag is made with Italian full-grain calf leather, and an Italian suede calf interior with gold-plated stainless steel clips.

Color: Black Leather. The black leather in this style is an absolute must! It’s sophisticated and sexy.

Polene Numero Sept Mini
Polene Numero Sept Mini Black Leather

Wearability: So why is the Numero Sept Mini my ultimate favorite? I wear this bag all the time. It’s the ideal evening bag because it’s the perfect small size and looks incredibly chic.

It also looks stunning as a day bag because it dresses up any kind of outfit, and this style bag gives a preppy chic luxury look. Plus it’s extremely lightweight to carry, making it very comfortable to wear.

Because of the structure of the bag, you can actually fit so much inside, and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. You can fit your essentials like a cellphone, wallet, lipstick, gum, etc and I can even fit a small camera if organized perfectly.

There is even a small suede pocket to place your I.D. and credit card.

Con: My only con with this bag is the shoulder chain does not detach, so when I wear this as a top-handle bag I stuff the chain inside the bag. But it’s not stopping me from wearing it!

Price: $480 USD


Polene Numero Sept

Polene Numero Sept
Polene Numero Sept in Canvas

Once I laid my eyes on this stunning taupe color combination in the Numero Sept, I had to have it.

Features: Because of the gorgeous texture of this bag, the Italian mottled fabric is made of 80% wool and 20% polyamide with certified Italian full-grain smooth calf leather as the structure.

The interior is made of Italian suede calf leather so that definitely justified the price point as this is not a true 100% leather bag.

Color: The Taupe Canvas color combination is the perfect neutral that works all year round.

Polene Numero Sept
Polene Numero Sept Canvas

Wearability: Because this size is a bit larger than the Sept Mini, I tend to wear this bag when I need a bit more space or want to wear a neutral bag.

This style looks incredibly chic and I tend to wear this over my shoulder for ease of use. There is an adjustable shoulder strap so you can comfortably wear this cross-body or as a shoulder style.

Inside is lined with suede and is roomy enough to fit your essentials plus little extras like sunglasses due to the structure of this bag. I also like the flap because you can see everything inside all at once.

This bag with a neutral outfit, especially in winter looks so stunning. Plus I tend to wear this year round even though it’s a wool/ leather bag.

Con: My only con for this bag is the leather shoulder strap does not detach so when you wear it as a top handle, the shoulder strap is visible which can look a bit casual.

Price: $580


Polene Numero Sept vs Numero Sept Mini

Polene Sept vs Sept Mini Polene Sept vs Sept Mini

Size comparison of the Sept and Sept Mini. The Sept is a medium size bag and does fit more inside than the mini.

I like both sizes for different reasons, and find that the mini is the perfect evening bag whereas the Sept regular is great for daytime.


Polene Numero Un Mini

Polene Numero Un Mini
Polene Numer Un Mini in Sand

The Numero Un Mini was my first Polene bag, and still one of my favorites.

Now my bag might look a little different. I had the suede flap repaired by Polene because my flap got extremely dirty and they offered a free eplacement. It took a few weeks, but I was impressed that they offered this service on a bag purchased years ago.

Features: This bag features certified Italian suede and textured Spanish calf leather with a cotton twill lining. Plus has a chain strap that is lightweight and a roomy interior.

Color: Sand Leather. This color is warmer than the taupe leather and works well all year around.

Polene Numero Un Mini

Wearability: I find this bag wearable so almost everything because the warm sand color complements all color tones. Plus the style of this bag is chic and simple blending in with many styles. This style lays right at the hip and does not have an adjustable strap.

This bag does not have a top handle so it must be worn as a cross-body or on one shoulder.

Con: My only con about this bag is the chain strap in the summertime. It can get very warm especially if you’re wearing a tank top or strapless top!

Also if you like the Sand Leather color, be extremely careful of what you wear with it. My suede flap was so dirty from clothing dye transfer, and they noted, “ Use caution with dark or new clothing, as the dye may bleed.”

Price: $470


Polene Numero Un

Polene Numero Un

I love my Polene Numero un mini so much, I had to have it in a larger size, the Numero Un. However, over time I always tended to gravitate toward the mini style more, and after a few years, I ended up selling the Numero Un.

Features: Full grain smooth and textured calf leather with cotton twill interior. This bag comes with an adjustable strap that can be removed. So you can wear this as a top handle or cross-body.

Color: Trio Camel

Wearability: While this bag is gorgeous, I just never used it as much as I thought I would. The reason being the size and color.

I prefer smaller bags in general, and I never was able to fill this bag up. So when I would wear it, the only thing inside were my phone, wallet, keys, etc. So it was kind of silly to carry around a large bag with nothing in it.

Plus, the color combination I got felt more fall/winter so I couldn’t really wear this year round and I had a harder time styling the Trio Camel style.

The colors are so rich that it wasn’t as versatile for the clothing in my wardrobe. And I prefer the ability to wear my bags more often than trying to find clothing to match.

If I had got this in black leather, I’m sure I would still have it today because I do love the design!

So when in doubt about getting a handbag, black is always a good idea!

Price: $580


Is Polene Cheaper in Paris?

Polene Paris
Shopping at Polene Paris Boutique

Yes! Polene bags are cheaper in Paris. So, if you have any plans to visit Paris, be sure to visit the Flagship store on 69 Rue de Richelieu.

They also have opened another boutique in Paris in the trendy Le Marias district on 14 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie.

Now how much money can you save by buying a Polene in Paris vs the US?

Let’s use the Polene Numero Dix as an example.

This bag is $580 USD plus $20 in shipping. Once I ordered online for my address in NYC, the tax was included in the price for a grand total of $600.

If you purchase a bag online for under $600 and have it shipped to the US there are no custom fees. Any purchase over $600 will incur taxes.

In Paris, this same bag is €420 (approx $450) plus you can get tax refunded back once you leave your trip for a savings of around $150.

If you’re planning on buying more than one bag, the savings will be even greater because you’ll be taxed in the US.

This is why I went wild and purchased 3 bags in the Polene Paris Boutique for basically the price of 2 Polene bags in the US.


Polene Paris Store Experience

Polene Paris Store
Line for Polene Paris Store

I visited on a Monday after lunch in late April during a French Holiday weekend, so there were more than the usual amount of locals and tourists waiting in line. About 20/30 people queued outside the store.

Lines I heard are a regular occurrence, so expect a somewhat of a line when visiting. Or head there before the store opens to get the first spot in line.

We waited approximately 1.5- 2 hours to get inside the store where we had to wait again to find a sales associate to help with the purchase. Again, our timing was during a holiday weekend, so it was busier than usual.

Polene Paris Store
Polene Paris Store Display

However, once inside and waiting hours, I decided to not just get one bag, but three Polene Bags.

The atmosphere was a little hectic, but the sales associates were so kind and helpful with color and style recommendations. And once you have an associate to help you, they really focus on what you’re looking for.

And if you are an American Citizen, be sure to bring your passport or a copy of your passport to get your VAT refund information processed so you can save on your purchase once you leave the country.

Not sure how to get a VAT refund when traveling? – This helpful guide gives you the step-by-step process of how to get a VAT refund when shopping in France.


Benefits of shopping for Polene Bags in Store:

The benefit of shopping in-store rather than online is you can find popular styles and colors in-store- where it could be sold out online, especially new arrivals.

The sales associate was telling me that some bags get delivered in the morning and are sold out by the evening.

Plus you can see in person what colors actually look like. This was so helpful in making me decide what colors to buy and in what style.


@danaberez Trying in 4 polene bags #poleneparis #polene #polenenumerodix #polenebags ♬ original sound – Dana Berez


Where to buy Polene Bags in the USA?

There is currently one Polene boutique located in New York City on 487 Broadway in Soho.

I’ve walked by numerous times and have never seen a line to get in.

So if you’d like to touch and feel a Polene bag in person, the New York store is a great option- and a bit closer for us Americans than the Paris boutique.


Do Polene Bags go on Sale?

Polene bags do not go on sale, but they do offer special promotions during black Friday offering free shipping.

Also, be wary of knockoff imitation websites offering Polene bags for $100. You’re not getting the real thing.

If you’re looking to save some money, check out Poshmark for lightly used Polene Bags.


Finally, are Polene Bags worth it?

Polene Bag Review
Yes, I’m Polene Obsessed

In my opinion, Polene bags are definitely worth it. The materials are high quality and are made in the same place as other luxury designer bags. Plus you can’t beat the price- even with the unfortunate price increase.

Calf-grain leather bags are the best kind of leather for handbags, wallets, etc because calf-grain leather prevents cracking that lower quality leathers do. Plus some bags are even lined with calf suede leather.

Polene bags have a unique yet classic style that won’t go out of fashion. So you can wear your bag for many many years with all kinds of outfits.

Still on the fence? If you are still on the fence about purchasing a Polene bag, let me leave you with this: I almost had a heart attack purchasing 3 bags at one time in Paris. But even on my 5-day trip, I found an occasion to wear all THREE of them and still rotate all my bags on a daily basis. They are worth it.

The next Polene bag I am looking to purchase is the Cyme Mini in black leather for my go-to medium-size tote bag.



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Polene Bag Review


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