19 Knee High Boots Outfit Ideas to Wear in 2024

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Knee High Boots Outfit

Knee High Boots Outfits

Knee-high boots are one of my favorite shoe trends for the year and look so effortless and chic. If you were wondering how to style knee-high boots, or just need a few knee-high boots outfit ideas- you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll go over 19 ways you can easily wear your knee high boots in 2024,  give you easy knee-high boots outfits that you can wear with items in your closet, and of course share some of my personal favorite tall boot styles.

Before we begin, here are a few places I love finding comfortable knee-high boots:


This post contains affiliate links

Favorite place to buy Knee-High boots:


Knee High Boots with Leather Leggings

Styling knee high boots with faux leather leggings is one of my favorite ways to wear knee-high boots.

The sleekness of the leather leggings and the boots elongate the leg. Plus you can easily tuck in your leggings within any boot because the boot opening may be tighter on certain styles.

Pair the leggings with a tunic-style oversized sweater for a sophisticated look to contrast the more tailored bottom.


Knee High Boots with Mini Skirt

knee high boots outfit

Knee high boots with mini skirt

Pairing your knee high boots with a mini skirt is always a good idea I say. You can play with the proportion of the length of your skirt. Plus you can pair many kinds of tops with your skirt and add a pair of thermal tights for colder wear.

You can always wear over the knee boots with a mini skirt as well, but for 2024 I think knee-high boots are more on trend.


Knee High Boots with Sweater Vest

knee high boots outfit
Credit: Mikayla Vallati

Looking for an on trend way to wear knee-high boots?  This look is all about the layers, so add in an oversized sweater vest (I love this sweater vest from Amazon) with a long-sleeved shirt underneath.

You can wear shorts or a skirt with this look, or just wear a very oversized sweater vest dress for extra length.


Knee High Boots Faux Leather Skirt

Winter knee high boots outfit

Faux leather is back in full swing, and adding in an oversized faux leather skirt with knee-high boots is an on-trend way to wear these boots.

I love how she added in a denim jacket for this look, but to extend this outfit idea for winter, just add in your favorite long winter peacoat.


Tan Coat Black Long Sleeve Sweater Dress

knee high boots outfit ideas tan coat
Credit: Life with Jazz

Grab your favorite sweater dress and long beige top coat for a sophisticated way to wear knee-high boots.

This is such a stylish look to recreate, and it works for date nights and parties with friends. Plus it’s so easy with a wardrobe staple.

To recreate this look, this Amazon sweater dress & Abercrombie Top Coat looks nearly identical.


Knee High Boots with Sweater Midi Dress

knee high boots outfit with dress
Shop the Look

Instead of a long-sleeved sweater dress, opt for a sleeveless high-neck version for a sophisticated look.

I love this sweater dress from Amazon because it looks and feels way more high-end than the price and it’s under $40! Plus it’s a midi dress style that adds in that length for a nice silhouette.

Plus you can always add in your favorite belt to complete this look!


Knee High Boots with a Trench Coat

If you live in a warmer climate or are looking for a fall knee-high boot outfit- adding in a trench is an easy outfit idea.

Plus this look is easy to recreate with a pair of faux leather leggings or skinny black pants, a black sweater, and your knee-high boots- you’ll be ready to explore.

Have a hard time finding Knee High Boots that fit?– I’m wearing Duo Boots in this photo, and they specialize in custom calf sizes and heights so you can finally get your best fit. 

I’m wearing these knee high boots with a lower heel- perfect for walking around!


Knee High Boots with Blazer Dress

Knee High Boots Outfit

Another way to wear knee-high boots is with a blazer dress- which gives such a Pinterest vibe. It’s very similar to wearing a little black dress, but this look can be worn for a night out or date night.

Add thermal fleece-lined tights to extend this look for the winter season.


Knee High Boots with a Cropped Sweater

knee high boots outfit

Cropped jackets are a modern way to style knee high boots. The shorter proportion works well with the height of the boot, and you can wear a cropped jacket with a skirt as shown, or even a sleek legging.


Knee High Boots with Plaid Skirt

Credit: Peexo

A plaid skirt adds a pop of color and pattern and is so cute for a winter knee-high boot outfit.

Depending on how cold it is, you can wear your plaid midi skirt with a blazer, or a top coat for extra warmth. Pair your favorite fleece-lined tights and turtle neck for an effortlessly chic look.


Knee-high boots with Utility Dress

Knee High Boots Casual

A comfortable, yet casual way to wear knee-high boots is pairing them with a utility dress.

To extend this look for the winter season, just add in a long top coat!


Knee High Boots with a Little Black Dress

knee high boots outfit

Knee high boots outfit with dress

knee high boot outfit

When in doubt? Just wear all black and you’ll be stylish and ready for anything! A little black dress is so versatile that you can wear one with knee-high boots.

If you want to extend this look for the winter season, just add in some thermal fleece-lined tights to keep your legs warm and a black top coat!



Knee High Boots with a Leather Trench Coat

knee high boots outfit

night out knee high leather boots outfit

Another way to wear the faux leather trend with knee-high boots is by adding a faux leather trench coat.

Because of all the leather in this look, it’s best to pair this with a non-leather dress- otherwise the look can go to Matrix very quickly.




Knee High Boots with a Cream Blazer

white knee high boots outfit
Credit: Camila Coelho

Don’t forget that you can get knee-high boots in other colors besides black. I love this neutral look with cream fabrics- perfect for transitional seasons or wearing in a warm winter place.

You can add an oversized blazer and turtle neck sweater for a warm chic monochromatic look.


Knee-high boots with a Pop of Color

Knee High Boots with red Blazer
Shop the Look

Add in a pop of color for a fun knee-high boots outfit idea. This Amazon oversized blazer comes in this stunning bold red color- perfectly on trend for the season.


Knee High Boot with Slip Skirt

knee high boot outfit with slip skirt
Shop the look
Knee HIgh Boot outfit
Shop the Look
Knee high boots outfit
Shop the Look

A great way to wear a slip skirt is with knee-high boots. This is a fun combo to dress up any date night outfit, or you can wear this style casually with a striped sweater as shown above.

I am obsessed with this slip skirt from J Crew because it has a high slit, perfect to show off your boots!


Knee High Boots with Skinny Jeans

knee high boot outfit with skinny jeans

knee high boot outfit with jeans

A casual look for knee-high boots is pairing them with skinny jeans or even straight-leg jeans for 2024. Even with a tee shirt, jeans give an effortless street style look all the while being comfortable at the same time.

Skinny jeans will fit in the inside of your boot easily, making great use of your skinny jeans that might be hiding in your closet.

Otherwise, to modernize the look you can pair them with straight-leg jeans with knee-high cowboy boots. Just be sure they are not too baggy.


Brown Knee High Tall Boots

brown knee high boots outfit
Shop Brown Boots

Brown is such a great knee-high boot color to have because it goes with all these ideas mentioned above, but gives a softer daytime look.

Pair your favorite knee-high boots with an oversized winter top coat and black skinny jeans for an effortless look.


Favorite Knee High Boots

Amazon Knee High Boot

Amazon Knee High Boot
Shop Amazon Boots

I own a few pairs of knee-high boots, but if you are looking for a more budget-friendly knee-high boot that seriously looks like a designer shoe; these heeled knee-high boots from Amazon are it!

They are comfortable even though they have a heel, and elevate every look.

This style comes in 3 different colors and can be sold out (which is rare for Amazon– so you know it’s good) If interested I’m a 9.5 and the 9.5 fits perfectly, so order your true size.


Flat Knee High Boots

If a heeled knee-high boot is too high, I love these flat knee-high boots that are just as stylish. Plus the block heel will make it easy to walk in!


Custom Calf Size Knee High Boots

Duo Boots
Shop Custom Boots

If you ever had a hard time finding knee-high boots that fit your thighs or calves, Duo Boots specializes in custom-size calf sizes and 3-shaft heights so you can have the PERFECT boot.

While on the pricey side, thse are made with quality materials, and they are made to fit you like a glove! They are wide-calf friendly.


Are Knee High Boots still in Style 2024?

Yes, knee-high boots are still in style for 2024 and show no signs of slowing down. You can find plenty of styles of knee-high boots, so they are not going anywhere!



I hope you enjoyed this post of knee-high boots outfits and found new ways to style your boots. Leave a comment below sharing your favorite style. Plus pin this post to save on your Pinterest Boards:

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