Work From Home Outfits | 7 Outfit Ideas For Comfort

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Work From Home Outfits

Work from home outfit

There are a lot of perks when it comes to working from home. Not having to commute, being able to sleep in a bit longer, and not having to put on real pants! However, after the excitement of working from home fades away, your wardrobe might go with it. If you need a little inspiration on what to wear that is professional yet cozy, here are 7 work from home outfit ideas comfort approved.

Benefits of getting dressed: One thing to avoid when working from home: not changing out of your pajamas. You won’t get as much done and it’s detrimental to your productivity.

Getting dressed is like telling your brain it’s “time to work”. So with that in mind, here are 7 work from home outfit ideas that are comfortable and chic.

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Outfit #1 Matching Sweat Set

Work From Home Outfit Ideas

A matching sweat set is the most casual work from home outfit on the list, but it does not lack in style. I am obsessed with the sets from Z-Supply. Their lounge sets are all I wear when I am traveling,  and are also perfect for work from home.

You can either get a long sleeve and pant set or shorts depending on where you live. And the options for print are pretty much endless from stars to camouflage which makes it so fun to pick out.

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Outfit #2: Pajama Shirt & Sweats

Work from home outfit ideas

I know I said don’t wear pajamas to work from home, but these chic pajama shirts are the exception. Brands are making these pajama shirts more appropriate for the day-time. I matched this Rag & Bone silk pajama shirt with a simple pair of fitted black sweatpants and metallic sneakers.

Tip: To make it look more dressed up, avoid any plush fabrics.

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Outfit #3: Fun Sweatshirt & Leggings

work from home outfit ideas

ombre sweatshirt

Is it me, or are sweatshirts becoming way more fun? Gone are the days with just solid colors. Now you can have a favorite quote, TV show, or even just a cool pattern. I matched this pink gradient cropped sweater with a simple black legging. It’s an easy and comfortable look for working from home.

And I won’t go a workday without water from my favorite water bottle Avana. These water bottles keep beverages cold or hot for hours and have an interior straw so no more spilling!

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Outfit #4: Cozy Long Sleeve Jumpsuit

work from home outfit ideas

Jumpsuits are becoming one of my favorite pieces to work in. The long sleeve option looks a bit more dressed up, so it’s appropriate for work and virtual meetings. You can also dress them up or down depending on what you are doing that day.

I paired this Rails Navy Leopard Jumpsuit with a nude flat. These Birdies flats literally go with everything and did I mention they are the most comfortable flat.

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Outfit #5: Casual Jumpsuit

work from home outfit ideas

Another favorite work from home outfit idea is a casual jumpsuit. I love a neutral color that will go with all your accessories. This casual jumpsuit is perfect to wear to meet up with friends or run errands after work. For more coverage and a polished look, I like to add a denim jacket or a grey blazer.

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Outfit #6: Blouse & Trouser

A blouse and trousers are a go-to staple for workwear. This classic look will put your mind in work mode, and I like wearing this polished look when I have important meetings or calls.

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Outfit #7: White Suit Set

While a matching white suit set working from home may seem a bit extra, nothing will make you feel more like a boss! This outfit is perfect if you have an important virtual meeting, or phone call to give you that extra confidence. And if you had a long workday, a glass of red wine matches perfectly.

Just be careful not to spill!

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Comfortable Shoes

I almost forgot the best part about working from home: comfortable shoes. Gone are the days for uncomfortable shoes that leave your feet with blisters. I love wearing these Minnetonka: flip flop style slipper for the summer, or a cozy mule for winter.

For a comfortable ballet flat, my go-to is Birdies. They have so many different colors and patterns, but I love a nice neutral so it will go with everything. They are great because they are made with comfort in mind, unlike so many flats I’ve worn in the past.

And of course, you can never go wrong with a plain white sneaker. A must in anyone’s wardrobe.

Tip: To keep my sneakers clean, I use magic erasers to rub away any marks. Works every time, and your one pair will last you a very long time.

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Hope you have some new work from home outfit inspiration!

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