37 Amazon Travel Must Haves For Your Next Trip

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Amazon Travel Must Haves

Amazon Travel Must Haves

From being a full-time travel blogger, I am on the go A LOT! And I know from experience what things will make your life easier when traveling.

I’ve put together this list of the best Amazon travel must-haves for your next vacation that will make keep you organized while traveling.

If you’re in a hurry, I’ve linked everything in this list on my Amazon Travel Essentials Storefront page.

Plus I have a helpful video on my Amazon travel essentials where I show my favorite products in action.

Now let’s get into the list. Sorted by category. This post contains affiliate links. 


1. LED Travel Mirror

Amazon travel must have
Amazon $27.99

This LED portable travel mirror has changed the game when it comes to getting ready when traveling, and why it’s one of my favorite Amazon travel essentials.

Ever have a horribly lit hotel bathroom mirror, or have mirrors in odd places making getting ready for the day challenging? I’ve been in that situation many times.

With your own travel mirror that has different light settings, you can get ready in perfect lighting every time anywhere in a hotel room.

This mirror is dimmable, lightweight has a great charge life (lasts the longest on the dimmest setting), and is about the size of an iPad.

I bought this for travel, but have been using it every day to get ready making it a great value for the money!

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2. Toiletry Case

amazon travel toiletry bag

When it comes to toiletry cases, I’m a little picky about functionality. I travel a lot, and I know what works. And I’ve found this great toiletry case that checks marks all the boxes.

This toiletry case has one large compartment so you can find and use all your essentials easily (I dislike too many zipper compartments).

Plus there is a hook for hanging, and there are a few smaller mesh compartments great for little items like pill boxes, contacts, small toothpaste, and sample toiletry products that you can see easily.

The case is on the medium/large side and works great for longer trips, or if you like to bring larger full-size items. It will fit in a carry-on, but I personally use this when I check a bag.

Plus, on the back of this toiletry case, there is a jewelry organizer! If this is not yet on your list, definitely add it in as an Amazon travel must-have!

@danaberez Amazon travel must haves part 2 #amazonfinds #amazontravelmusthave #amazontravelfinds ♬ original sound – Dana Berez

3. Makeup Bag

amazon makeup travel bag
Amazon $9.96

I recently picked up this makeup bag from Amazon, and it’s one of my new favorite travel must-haves, and it’s under $10!

Again, I travel a lot and I prefer bags and cases with the least amount of unnecessary zippers. This soft makeup bag fits all of the makeup products I use for travel including a medium size eyeshadow palette.

Because of the soft exterior, if you don’t fill this bag up completely it will fit nicely in your suitcase around other items, rather than a hard case bag.

Plus, the other side of this makeup bag has a brush compartment to keep things organized!

@danaberez Amazon travel must haves part 3 #amazontravelmusthave #travelmakeupbag #amazontravelfinds #amazontravelessentials ♬ original sound – Dana Berez


4. Clear Cases


This set of clear cases (comes in a 2 or 3-pack) just come in handy for keeping organized while traveling. You can easily see what’s inside which helps for finding things quickly on the go.

There are so many uses for clear cases. You can use clear cases not only for toiletries, but you can also use them for accessories, makeup, medicine, toys, and small electronics.

Plus you can also use these when you are in your destination to keep small things in place in a tote bag.


5. Travel Toiletry Containers

travel toiletry containers

These 3oz silicone toiletry containers are perfect if you like to bring your own shampoo, body wash, face wash, etc. I love these containers specifically because of the wide opening for a mess-free transfer. Plus the silicone is squishy and the caps are sturdy and leak-free,  so squeezing out your products is a breeze! Definitely, one of my go-to Amazon travel must-haves!


6. Silicone Brush Holder

silicone travel makeup brush container

Have makeup brushes and don’t know how to take them with you? This portable silicone brush holder has a thin opening so that it is easy to insert your brushes, but still narrow enough to keep all the brushes stored securely and prevent the brushes from falling out.

It’s not the best for large face brushes but works great for those small eyeshadow brushes and pencils that are hard to find in your makeup bag. It fits around 12 skinny-sized brushes and pencils.

Plus it comes in 16 aesthetic colors.

Tip: Buy two and keep your eye brushes separated from your small pencils.


7. Silicone Beauty Blender Holder


I never knew what to do with my wet beauty blender after using it on vacation, but there’s always a solution on Amazon it seems.

This makeup sponge holder allows for it to breathe and dry in between uses. The silicone material is also really easy to clean and wipe clean. Plus it comes with a small makeup sponge.

Another great benefit is that after you use it and store it before cleaning it won’t get your makeup bag all dirty. They also come in some really cute aesthetic colors.


8. Dopp Kit


Can’t forget about the guys- this dopp kit is designed for easy accessibility with one large open zipper compartment that keeps bottles upright, a waterproof compartment, and water-resistant material for the perfect toiletry bag.


9. Carry-On Lightweight Luggage

amazon travel must have carry on luggage
Amazon $144

On the hunt for your next favorite 4-wheeler travel carry-on that’s lightweight. This Travel Pro Maxlite is a must for travel.

This suitcase is extremely lightweight, which comes in handy if your airline weighs your suitcase (most common in Europe) or if you won’t want a heavy bag to lift up in the airplane overhead bins.

The Travel Pro Maxlite Suitcase features a soft exterior with a zipper, rolls smoothly, has comfort grips, and it’s expandable by 2 inches for extra room.


10. Carry-On Weekender Bag

amazon travel must have weekender bag

This carry-on weekend bag is perfect for a roomy personal item on an airplane. This bag fits easily underneath your seat and has plenty of function.

There are two compartments of this bag, one smaller section for your laptop and electronics, and another larger section for clothing, etc.

I love how this bag has a trolly sleeve so you can easily place it over your suitcase handles, and convenient exterior pockets for your cell phone, wallet, and boarding pass!


11. Travel Backpack

carry on travel back pack
Amazon $39.99

This best-selling travel backpack is perfect for a weekend trip on its own. Or this backpack can act as a personal item on an airplane with a convenient trolly sleeve that fits over your suitcase handles.

The functionality of this travel backpack checks all the boxes including a helpful chest buckle, breathable mesh fabric on the backside, comfortable straps, and waterproof material.

Inside there is one main large compartment, an extra padded laptop pocket, a shoe pocket, and a front snack cooler to keep things organized.


12. Medium Size Carry-On Purse

Carry On Purse
Amazon $74.99

If you like traveling with a carry-on that fits in the airplane seat in front of you and use that same bag when traveling then this medium carry-on purse is perfect for you!

This travel purse called the Everywhere Bagg has plenty of convenient compartments which help you stay organized on travel days, and when you’re on the go! Plus a luggage sleeve so you can easily put this over your carry-on suitcase for a hands-free travel day.

The fabric is waterproof and has an identity theft blocker so no one can steal your identity when traveling.


13. Belt Bag

belt bag amazon travel must have
Amazon $18.99

I love keeping all my essentials in one place, and having a belt bag that can be worn cross-body or around your waist is the perfect solution for keeping your passport, wallet, and other essentials within reach.

I particularly love this belt bag from Amazon (the ivory color is so pretty). It comes in many different colors and has one large interior with mesh compartments on the inside. The bag surprisingly fits a lot,  and it’s a close dupe of the Lululemon bag!

@danaberez Amazon Travel Must Haves Part 4: belt bag #beltbag #amazontravelmusthave #amazontravelfinds #lululemondupe ♬ original sound – Dana Berez


14. Cup Holder Caddy


Ever board a plane with too many things like a coffee, boarding pass, and purse, all the while struggling to scan your boarding pass with the gate agent? I’ve been in that situation MANY times, and this Amazon cup holder is perfect to keep my hands free throughout the airport.

This collapsable travel cup holder caddy attaches to your suitcase handles and can fit 2 cups so now you can be hands-free walking through the airport. Plus it packs down and doesn’t take up too much room in your suitcase.


15. Adjustable Travel Pillow

travel pillow
Amazon $24.99

This best-selling adjustable travel pillow is perfect for those who struggle to find a comfortable position on a plane or long car ride.

The travel pillow has comfortable memory foam that can transform into multiple shapes. So you can finally find a position that’s comfortable for you, whether it’s around your neck, on your back or another position. And it’s affordable at $24.99.


16. Collapsable Water Bottle


Sometimes I’ve ditched traveling with a water bottle because I didn’t have enough room left in my carry-on.

However, this collapsible 20oz BPA-free water bottle is perfect for travel days because it folds up small when not in use. Plus you can easily throw this water bottle in your purse or bag when you are at your destination without the extra weight or space.


17. Sunglass Travel Organizer


If you can’t part ways with your favorite sunglasses, then you need this sunglass travel organizer. This sunglass organizer comes in different sizes.

You can fit 4, 5, or 6 pairs of sunglasses in this hard case and roll it up for ultimate protection when traveling. Plus it has a convenient loop so you can hang this case up for easy access.


18. Refillable Perfume Atomizers


Traveling with full-size perfumes is an easy way to add lots of weight to your bag. I LOVE these perfume/ cologne automizers because you can take your favorite perfume wherever you go, and they are smaller than what I imagined so they won’t take up space in your bag.

These are super easy to fill without any messes and they are leak free! This comes in a set of 4, so you can switch up your favorite scents or give an atomizer to another family member.


19. Travel Steamer

amazon travel must haves
Amazon $24.99

Never have to worry about a wrinkled outfit again with this travel steamer. Even though this steamer is on the small side, it really packs a punch with steaming and can get wrinkles out easily. Plus it packs nicely in your suitcase.


20. Hanging Jewelry Organizer


I’ve tried other jewelry organizers in the past that work fine as I am packing… but once I am in a destination staying organized is always a struggle as I don’t always put things neatly back after every wear.

This hanging jewelry organizer is perfect because you can see all your jewelry at once with 14 different-sized compartments.

And when you’re traveling you can simply put your jewelry back in its clear compartment without having to neatly place necklaces, and stud earrings in place. It’s perfect for us lazy girls.

Plus, this jewelry organizer is foldable and hangable great for packing and displaying in your destination.


21. Shoe Bags

amazon travel must haves
Amazon $14.99

Let’s face it, our shoes are just dirty- especially when traveling and walking on all kinds of surfaces. That’s why I love packing my shoes in these top-rated shoe bags that separate my shoes from the rest of my belongings.

These shoe bags come in a set of 4 and are waterproof. Plus, they can be used beyond a shoe bag for even more organizing.


22. Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes
Amazon $19.99

If you haven’t tried packing your suitcase with packing cubes, what are you waiting for?! The way you pack will not be the same.

I love keeping all my clothes organized in packing cubes, which helps me stay neat on the go. Usually, keep underwear & socks in one cube, and swimsuits, tops, and bottoms in the other cubes. I also find that you can pack more clothes this way.

I love this packing cube set (6 bags) from Amazon because the top part has a mesh detail so you can see inside the cubes without having to open them. Plus, this set has over 20,000 positive reviews. 


23. Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter

Amazon $33.50

As you know, if you use AirPods or another Bluetooth headphone set, you won’t be able to connect to airplane TV screens because those TVs use older microphone jacks.

However, now you can use your favorite headset, watch movies on the airplane TV and not have to worry about a cord with this Bluetooth wireless transmitter. It plugs into the airplane TV headphone jack and connects to your Bluetooth on your wireless headphones!


24. Portable Charger


A portable charger is a must for travel, and the reason why I love this portable charger is its small size and cord-free charge that works for iPhone. I have other portable chargers with cords, and the simplicity of this charger works so much better with my lifestyle!

If you have an Android, this portable charger will work for you.


25. Cable Organizer Travel Case


I love staying organized while traveling so keeping unruly cords in place is key.

Keep all your cords organized inside this cable organizer case. This comes in a few different sizes, but I love to keep all my cellphone chargers, USB cables for my camera gear, camera batteries, and computer chargers. This case keeps everything in one place and fits all my essentials.


26. Silicone Zip Ties


Take your cord organization even further with these silicone zip ties. These keep cords together and ensure that nothing will get tangled.

The silicone zip ties work great for packing, but also are super helpful in keeping organized on the go.


27. Luggage Scale

Amazon Travel Essentials
Amazon $11.99

This travel luggage scale is a must if you always worry your suitcase is over the weight limit. Now you can weigh it in the comfort of your own home and make necessary adjustments, rather than scrambling at the airport counter… yes I’ve been there.

This top-rated travel luggage scale is lightweight and small enough that it won’t take up too much room in your suitcase.


28. Noise Canceling Headphones

noise canceling headphones
Amazon $219

Once you try noise-canceling headphones on an airplane, you will never travel without them! No more listening to unwanted conversations, babies crying, and loud airplane engines.

Now there are a few different kinds of noise-canceling headphones, over the ear or earbuds ranging in all price points.

I personally have the Jabra Elite 85H Headphones. This style is extremely comfortable around the ears with extra cushion, and the battery life is long. I’ve never had to recharge on a flight, even a long haul. But these are investment headphones at $250.

Budget-friendly option: Another best-selling headphone on Amazon is under $50 with over 47,000 positive reviews.


29. Kindle

Amazon Kindle
Amazon $74.99

The Amazon Kindle is a must for anyone who likes to read on a vacation. I like how small the kindle is compared to bringing large hardcover books that take up way too much room and weight to your bag.

I’ve brought heavy large hardcover books on vacation- and sometimes I don’t even have time to read, so now that I finally have a kindle, it won’t matter as much if I don’t have a chance to read my book because it’s so lightweight.


30. Travel Umbrella

travel umbrella
Amazon $27.99

I always like traveling with a small travel umbrella for those unwanted rainy days. Sometimes it happens on vacation, and I prefer being prepared rather than taking a rainy day without an umbrella.

This travel umbrella is super lightweight and small to pack in your bag that will work in a pinch. Plus you can keep it in your car when you’re not traveling- just in case!


31. Packable Cooler


This packable cooler is essential for beach getaways or camping trips. I traveled with a packable cooler on my trip to Greece, and it was essential for keeping our drinks and food cool on beach days when concessions were not available.

This cooler can fit 30 cans with ice, or you can travel with these thin reusable ice packs.


32. Water Shoes

water shoes for women
Amazon $15.99

I love packing these super lightweight water shoes for beach vacations or active getaways. These will protect your feet from rocks and other unwanted items at the beach- especially if it’s a rock beach. And water shoes will prevent your feet from getting burned on any hot sand.

These are the best-selling water shoes on Amazon with over 125,000 positive reviews!


33. Travel Binoculars

travel binoculars
Amazon $35.99

If you love seeing your surroundings up close, these travel binoculars 12×25 are perfect for any vacation. They are very small and provide a clear distance for viewing and are lightweight and small for packing in your suitcase.

I especially love packing these on cruise vacations to see out in the distance!


34. Portable Water Heater

Portable Water Heater
Amazon $19.99

As an avid tea drinker, I can tell you that this portable kettle is one of the best things to bring while traveling.

If you’re not sure that there will be a kettle or hot water readily available, then this is perfect for you so you can have tea or coffee in the morning without having to leave your room. Plus by making your coffee or tea in room you’ll save lots of money!


35. Comfortable Travel Sneaker

Travel Sneaker
Amazon $54.99

These are my go-to white sneakers that I wear on travel days and throughout the destination. I love how they are sustainable white faux leather that looks cute with travel outfits and is comfortable to wear all day long.

I wear them every day living in NYC and have continued to buy them when I wear them out completely- for the price they are a great deal.


36. Biotrue Eye Wipes

biotrue eye wipes
Amazon $16.99

Know that feeling during a flight where your eyes just feel dry and itchy? I love packing a few of these Biotrue eye wipes made with micellar water. These feel like a nice wet compress that rejuvenates and refreshes tired eyes.


37. Liquid IV

Amazon travel essentials
Amazon 16 Pack $24.99

Another Amazon travel must-have is Liquid IV electrolyte drink mix (mix with one bottle of water). I always have a few packs in my carry-on for when I need extra hydration, especially on a long flight.

Plus these are great hangover remedies when you go too hard with one too many margaritas. My favorite flavor is passion fruit!


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