Cancun Outfits to Wear on Your Next Mexico Vacation

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If you are headed to Cancun and need some ideas for cute Cancun outfits to wear on your next Mexico Vacation- you have come to the right place!

Cancun is one of the top tourist destinations, I’ve been vacationing in Cancun for years staying at both all-inclusive resorts and non-all-inclusive resorts. Plus I’ve explored restaurants and activities off property.

In fact, I just got back from my Cacnun trip this January and put together this list of cute Cancun Outfits, so I know exactly what kind of clothing you’ll want to bring on your Cancun Mexico trip.

So whether you are visiting Cancun for a romantic getaway, a girl’s trip, or spring break, you’ll find great Mexico vacation outfit inspiration.

Plus I’ll go over common questions like what to wear on a resort in Mexico, dress codes, and more. Let’s get into the outfits.

Cancun Outfits

Cancun Outfits
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Cancun Airport Outfit

Cancun Airport Outfit
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First, let’s talk about the Cancun Airport outfit.

Now the reason you should put some thought into this is because when you land you’ll arrive in a warmer humid climate waiting around awhile for customs, baggage claim, excursions salespeople, car transfers, and hotel check-in (sometimes with a cocktail and a tour)

And from my first-hand experience, doing all those activities in winter clothing is dreadful.

The sweat and discomfort do not leave. By the time you reach your hotel room, the only thing you’ll want to do is shower rather than enjoy the resort.

Instead, wear something with looser lighter fabric. I wore this 2-piece set from Amazon and I felt comfortable on the flight and arriving in the humid weather in Cancun.

So much better than heavy sweaters you’d want to rip off! (Can you tell I don’t love to overheat?)

You can also change into something after you land in Cancun at the airport if you’d prefer wearing warmer clothing on the plane. But trust me, you’ll want to change into something more breathable!

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Daytime Cancun Outfits

What to wear during the day in Cancun is mostly swimsuits, coverups, beachwear, and comfortable clothing to wear around the resort. Here are some daytime Cancun Outfit ideas:

What to Wear to the Pool & Beach

Cancun outfit ideas
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Cancun Mexico Outfits
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Crochet Beach Cover UP
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Like I mentioned, when on vacation in Cancun you will be living in a swimsuit cover-up and bathing suit when heading to the pool or beach.

I recommend packing a few beach coverups that ideally match all of your swimsuits. I love this white 100% linen coverup from Amazon. It looks and feels luxurious and it matched all my swimsuits.

For swimsuits, pack a few of your favorites. They hardly take up room in your suitcase, so this is where I generally overpack. If you want to do watersports like kayaking or snorkeling, I’d recommend a one-piece you can move around in.

What to wear Around the Resort

cancun mexico outfits

While you’ll be living in swimsuit coverups and swimsuits, don’t forget to pack casual clothing you can wear around the resort. For example, a quick run to the buffet, a morning walk, or grabbing a coffee doesn’t require a swimsuit.

I like to bring casual tank tops, lightweight shorts (which can double as a workout outfit if you plan on hitting the gym) t-shirts, and loose-fit clothing.

These items are easy to throw on and are moisture-wicking for any humid day.

You can also wear a lightweight sundress around the resort for something more dressed up, yet comfortable.

What to wear Cancun Excursion

Cancun Excursion Outfit
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When in Cancun, don’t forget about some amazing adventure excursion opportunities like a day trip to Chichen Iza, visiting Centoes, or a day trip to Ek Balam another famous Mayan Archaeological site.

For a day trip outside of the hotel zone wear comfortable shoes like a white sneaker, a bathing swimsuit for swimming in the cenotes, a dry bag for a change of clothes if swimming, and comfortable loose clothing.

Day trips to archeological sites are full-day tours, around 11-12 hours so pack for comfort with shoes you can walk in.

More Cancun Day Trips:


Evening Cancun Outfits

Evenings in Cancun mean you can have fun dressing up, you are on vacation after all. During the evening I like to wear maxi dresses, or darker sundresses, or linen pants with a nice top is always chic. Just think about wearing some resort casual wear.

Here are some evening Cancun Mexico outfit ideas on what to wear at night in Cancun.

What to wear to Dinner in Cancun

Cancun Outfits Evening
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What to wear to Dinner in Cancun
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Maxi Dress Vacation Outfit
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black maxi dress
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Now depending on the resort you are staying at, some may implement an evening dress code, but generally for dinner a maxi dress, sundress, or a chic pant outfit is acceptable.

Because it’s vacation, I love wearing bright pops of color, like this orange maxi dress from Amazon.

Pair your outfit with an evening clutch, sandals, or even a heel if you are feeling extra special.

I found the dress code not to be as strict, so as long as you don’t show up in a swimsuit, you’ll be okay for dinner.

What to Wear in Cancun Nightlife

What you wear going out in Cancun will depend on what kind of place you are visiting. Some nightclubs in Cancun have a dress code, whereas other bars are a bit more casual where you can wear shorts and sandals.

If you want to visit nightclubs, I’d dress comfortably yet chic. A simple black dress, flat sandals, and a crossbody bag is an option.  But if you want to hit up bars along the hotel zone, you can wear something more casual.

What to Pack for Cancun Mexico

Here are some helpful items to pack for your next Cancun beach vacation in this Cancun packing list.

Cancun vacation outfit
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Clothing to Pack for Cancun

  • Swimsuits: Bring your favorite one-piece or bikini
  • Cover-ups: bring a few to switch up your beach outfits.
  • T-shirts: Pack cotton t-shirts/ tanktops that are moisture-wicking
  • Shorts: Great item to pack for walking around the resort, or any excursion.
  • Versatile Sun Dresses: Maxi sundresses are the easiest item to wear during the day and evening.
  • Linen Items: I love this material for dresses & shirts because it keeps you cool and is moisture-wicking.
  • Sweater / Light Jacket: Just in case you get cold. I bought a light sweater for my trip in January but didn’t need it because it was not cold.

Shop: Want to see everything I packed for Cancun? Check out this Cancun Packing List on my Amazon Storefront.

Shoes to Pack for Cancun

shoes to pack for cancun mexico
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  • Flip Flops: Bring something you don’t mind getting wet or even a pair of water shoes for activities in the water.
  • Comfortable Sandals: I love bringing sandals that are easy to slip on to walk around the resort.
  • Evening Sandals / Wedges: If you want to wear flats during the evening, black sandals always look dressed up. Or you can opt for an espadrille-style wedge.
  • Sneakers: Great for day trips, or any activity outside your hotel.

Accessories to Pack for Cancun

  • Straw Hats / Sun Hat: A must to keep protected from the sun.
  • Beach Bag: Essential for carrying all your items for a full beach day. I love this packable beach bag from Amazon that matches all my outfits and fits everything I need.
  • Sunglasses: A must for any beach vacation.
  • Sunscreen: Pack your favorite sunscreen. Gift shops have limited options, plus are priced way more than in the U.S.
  • Bug Spray: Mosquitos can come out at night, especially during the wetter months April – November.

Shop: I curated a list of everything you’d need to pack for a beach vacation in this Spring Break Essentials Packing List.

Vacation Sunhat
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Frequently Asked Questions: Cancun Outfits

How Should I Dress for Cancun Mexico?

Cancun Mexico is a vacation resort destination with the majority of visitors on vacation ready for relaxation and a fun good time.

Dress in resort casual wear with loose comfortable clothing, sundresses, beach coverups, and swimsuits, and don’t forget your sun accessories.

Do You Need a Sweater at Night in Cancun?

If you are always cold, to be on the safe side, yes, I would pack a sweater for Cancun at night.

This is especially true if you are traveling during the winter. Nights could get chilly, and a sweater draped over your shoulders, or worn on is a stylish warm option.

However, during my time in Cancun in January, I did not need my sweater as the nights were a comfortable 70 degrees.

What is the Dress Code at Cancun Resorts?

Depending on the resort you are staying at, dress codes are pretty lax during the day, so wear your favorite beachtime daytime outfit. However, when walking down hallways, lobbies, and public areas avoid walking in just swimwear.

At night there is more of a dress code enforced. Men should wear long pants and a collared shirt, while ladies can wear something a bit dressed up.

Don’t roll straight from the pool to dinner either, no swimsuits or coverups are allowed at sit-down restaurants.

For example from the resort I just stayed at in Cancun, the Hyatt Ziva here was the dress code for the fanciest restaurant on site:

Cancun Dress Code

Can I Wear Shorts in Cancun?

Yes, you can wear shorts in Cancun, but for dinner, men should opt for long pants and a collared shirt. Some resorts enforce this more than others, but to be on the safe side, leave the shorts for daytime.

What to Wear to a Cancun Destination Wedding?

If you are headed to a Cancun destination wedding, you can opt for a beautiful flowy maxi dress in a summery beachy color or colorful pattern.

Depending on where the ceremony takes place, heels in the sand could be a problem. Opt for dressy flats or put your heels on after the ceremony!

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What Not to pack for Cancun?

With so many things you should pack with you, some items you should leave at home include food items, particularly fruits vegetables, etc.

Also, leave any valuables like designer items or expensive jewelry if you are worried about things being stolen. I’ve never had any issues with bringing valuables while in Mexico, but if you’d rather not think about it, for ease of mind keep those items at home.

What’s the Weather Like in Cancun Mexico?

Before packing for planning outfits for any trip, always look at the weather. This will help you plan appropriately for any unexpected cool nights, rain, etc.

In general Cancun temperatures are warm ranging from 70-100 degrees Fahrenheit even in the coolest month in January.

The driest and sunniest time to visit Cancun Mexico is from December through April. While May to September is the wet season. However, the rain storms usually only last a few moments, and the sunshine quickly returns.

What to wear in Cancun Mexico
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Cancun Clothes Shopping

Need some ideas on where to shop for Cancun Mexico Outfits? Here are my favorite retailers to shop:

  • Amazon: Check out this dedicated Cancun outfits/resort wear idea list with all my recommendations from dresses, swimsuits, coverups, and accessories
  • J Crew: Great quality swimwear and printed dresses
  • Tuckernuck: Preppy Unique Resortwear
  • Abercrombie & Fitch: Cute and casual resort wear with fun prints and linen fabrics

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Hope you enjoyed this post on Cancun outfits and found inspiration on what to wear on your next Cancun beach vacation. Be sure to save this post to your Pinterest Boards to refer back later.

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