Day Trip to Capri, Italy : 9 Things To Do In Capri

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Day Trip to Capri, Italy: 9 Things To Do In Capri

Day Trip to Stunning Capri, Italy | 9 Things You Shouldn't Miss: Capri Marina Grande | Dana Berez Travel

Capri, known for its rugged landscape and being a resort town is easily accessible from the towns along the Amalfi Coast. This is why a day trip to Capri is a must-do on your Amalfi Coast Itinerary. You can see most of Capri in one day, but I will list the 9 things you shouldn’t miss to make your trip to Capri as memorable as it can get!

How To Get To Capri

From Positano, we took the Travel Mar ferry to Capri. They have two ferries that leave Positano in the morning at 9:15 AM and 10 AM. Travel Mar also has ferry service from the other islands of Amalfi. Y

ou can purchase tickets day of, but come to the ticket stand early to ensure your spot on the ferry. From Positano, it took about 30-45 minutes on the boat to arrive into Capri’s Marina Grande.

amalfi coast

1. Take in the Marina Grande

Capri’s Marina Grande an impressive boating marina where all visitors to Capri enter from, except those with private planes (goals).

In the Marina, you will find multiple people asking you for a private boat, taxi service, and dining options so it is a little overwhelming at first.

We headed towards the quieter side of the Marina and took in the colorful buildings, boats, and had a prime spot for people-watching.

The Marina Grande is so big in fact we missed our boat going back to Positano because we couldn’t find the dock! After realizing we were in the wrong location and ran to the other side of the Marina it was no luck.

We watched our ferry leave us. Thankfully we just waited 45 minutes for the next one to come and relaxed with some Aperol Spritz.

Day Trip to Stunning Capri, Italy | 9 Things You Shouldn't Miss: Capri Marina Grande | Dana Berez Travel

2. Boat Tour Around Capri

This is a must-do for a day trip to Capri. When touring around the Island, you will see all the famous grottos and unique landscapes that Capri is known for. Blue waters and famous grottos await you.

Going through the Faraglioni rocks, was a highlight of my trip.

You can find all kinds of tours that offer tours around the island. We picked our boat randomly as it was leaving in 10 minutes.

Prices can vary depending on what kind of boat or service you choose, but our ferry style boat costs 18E per person.

Day Trip to Stunning Capri, Italy | 9 Things You Shouldn't Miss: boating around | Dana Berez Travel

Ultimate Day Trip To Capri Italy | Top Things You Shouldn't Miss Dana Berez Travel Guide

Day Trip to Stunning Capri, Italy | 9 Things You Shouldn't Miss: boating around | Dana Berez Travel

Or Opt for Small Boat Tour Around Capri

Another way you can see Capri is by doing a small group tour with Blue Star Positano. They offer day trips from Positano to Capri, showing you around the entire island and offering free time when in Capri.

This is a great option if you would like a more intimate feel, and you don’t have to worry about taking the Travel Mar Ferries to and from Capri.

If you want epic photos of the Faraglioni rocks then a small group tour is a must!

3. Go Inside the Blue Grotto Capri

The famous Blue Grotto Capri can’t be missed. It was such an amazing experience to see the glowing blue waters while Italian men serenade inside the echoing cave.

Because the opening of the cave is so small, you have to lay down flat in your boat to pass through. This is why when the waves are too high it is impossible and dangerous to enter the Blue Grotto.

Thankfully for us, the weather was perfect for viewing the Blue Grotto.

Day Trip to Stunning Capri, Italy | 9 Things You Shouldn't Miss: Blue Grotto | Dana Berez Travel

Visiting the Blue Grotto Tips: This is Capri’s most famous attraction so expect lines, or expect when arriving by boat there will be about a 45 min to an hour wait depending on how busy it is.

I know some people have waited 2 hours to see the Blue Grotto. If you take a shared boat as I did, your boat will wait for everyone to see the Grotto.

So if you choose not to see it, you still will be waiting for your other boat passengers to finish the experience.

The cost to see the Blue Grotto is 14E additional to whichever boat service you choose and expect that they will ask for tips a little aggressively.

4. Take the Funicular In Capri

The Funicular is a tram that takes you from Marina Grande all the way to up to Capri Town, where you’ll find the center for shopping and restaurants.

The four-minute ride up to the top takes you through lemon groves and offers stunning views of Capri and only costs 2E.

Day Trip to Stunning Capri, Italy | 9 Things You Shouldn't Miss | Dana Berez Travel

5. Shopping In Capri For Designer Goods

If I were to buy a designer anything, I would head straight to Via Camerelle. This street is known for all the high-end designer stores. It is worth a walk to window shop and to see the beautiful store designs.

Naturally, I found the Chanel facade the prettiest so I had to take a few pictures.

Day Trip to Stunning Capri, Italy | 9 Things You Shouldn't Miss: Via Camerelle | Dana Berez Travel Day Trip to Stunning Capri, Italy | 9 Things You Shouldn't Miss: Via Camerelle | Dana Berez Travel

6. Have a Nice Lunch In Capri

Ristorante il Geranio

There are many restaurants,  but why not up to your day trip to Capri by having lunch overlooking the beautiful Faraglioni Rocks. We had a delightful lunch at Ristorante il Geranio and took in the stunning views.

The food was a bit pricy, hello we are in Capri, but it didn’t lack in flavor. The tuna tartare was so fresh and topped with Capri lemons!

If you only have one day trip to Capri, why not splurge on a fantastic meal, service, and atmosphere.

Michelangelo Ristorante

Another restaurant to check out is Michelangelo Restaurant. While this family-owned restaurant doesn’t offer “epic” views it was recommended by locals and the food here is exceptional. This is one of the best restaurants in Capri with a view.

The lemon pasta from this restaurant was my favorite pasta I’ve had… I am going to say it, IN ITALY! 100% a must-visit. They also offer cooking classes, boat catering, and tastings.

7. Take in the Views In Capri

Augustus Gardens Capri

Just around the corner from the Ristorante il Geranio is the Gardens of Augusts. This botanical garden offers stunning views of the gorgeous blue waters and the rugged landscape of the isle of Capri.

This is a perfect way to relax from touring and to take in Capri’s beauty.


Belvedere of Punta Cannone

If you have a bit more time in Capri, there is a lesser-known viewpoint of the Faraglioni Rocks called “Belvedere of Punta Cannone” which is a bit of a further walk from Capri Town.
Because it is lesser-known, there was hardly a crowd. Maybe one or two other people there when we visited.
capri italy
Day Trip To Capri Italy | Top Things You Shouldn't Miss Dana Berez Travel Guide

8. Sample Capri’s Very Own Perfumery: Carthusia Capri

Carthusia is Capri’s only perfumery that has been making perfume since 1948. There are many Carthusia stores in Capri, so finding one will be easy! Try out a few fragrances and perhaps you’ll take back sent of Capri.

carthusia capri

9. Try a Lemon Gelato

You will find lemons all over Capri and the Amalfi Coast so I had to sample something lemon while in Capri. I opted for a fresh lemon gelato that melted away for fast I hardly had time for a photo!

If I Had More Time:

Although I did see a lot of Capri, I wish I would have had time to go on the chairlift in Anacapri that takes you up to Monte Solaro. I guess it just gives me another reason to revisit Capri.

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Hope you enjoyed this day trip to Capri Italy list! Please leave a comment if you have been to Capri and don’t forget to save it to your Pinterest Boards!

9 Things You Shouldn't Miss in Capri Italy | Capri Day Trip Travel Guide - Dana Berez Travel Guide


  1. I’m so jealous now! I visited Naples 2 years ago and visited Sorrento on a day-trip, but didn’t have time for Capri, unfortunately… It looks absolutely stunning and I would especially love to visit the Blue Grotto!

    1. Capri should definitely be on your itinerary for next time! The water was so beautiful! I had a great time!

    1. I would say you could visit for a day! I had enough time to see Capri, however Anacapri was on my list! If you can manage an overnight stay I think you could grasp more of the island.

  2. Your photos are beautiful, it looks like such a lovely place. I’d love to visit Capri, even just to see the Blue Grotto! xo

  3. I haven’t been to Italy yet but when I visit it, Capri is a must visit place there, Dana. I loved your pictures which made the travel bug to itch me. Is Capri a good summer destination?

    1. The weather should be beautiful in summer. However, expect it to be very crowded as it would be high season. I went in May and it wasn’t too bad with the crowds!

  4. Hi very amazing article. I’d like to ask what font you used for the “Day trip to” and “Capri, Italy”. I’m a freshman college student, it’d be very helpful for my art class. Thank you!

    1. Hi! Thank you so much! I made this cover on Canva and the font is called: League Spartan and Capri I used: Pacifico! Hope this helps!

  5. Hi! This has been so helpful for deciding what to do in Capri! I have a question in regards to pricing though? Is it 18 euros per person for the boat tour or just one flat fee of 18E? For all the pricing, including the grotto and funicolar?

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