The Only Positano Travel Guide You Need | Top Positano Travel Tips

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Positano Travel Guide

When I scrolled through Pinterest years ago, a stunning photograph of the cliffs of Positano showed up on my feed. I had no idea a place as beautiful as this was real, let alone a place that I would visit in my lifetime.  I did tons of research before visiting Positano and experienced the town myself this year. Positano is not the easiest place to travel to, so I made this Positano Travel Guide you’ll need to read when planning your Positano Trip!


The Only Positano Travel Guide You Need | Top Positano Travel Tips

The Only Positano Travel Guide You Need | Top Positano Travel Tips: Budget

How to Get to Positano

Unlike many major cities in Italy, there is no direct airport in Positano. You will have to fly in to either Rome or Naples Airports. From there you should make your way to a closer town near Positano like Sorrento or Salerno. I have listed the many ways you can get there below:

Train: There is no direct train to Positano, but you can take the train from either Naples Airport or Rome Airport to a closer city on the Amalfi Coast like Sorrento or Salerno.

Ferry: During the day you can take a ferry to Positano from either Naples, Sorrento, Salerno, and Amalfi. Just note that luggage will most likely have an additional cost to your ticket.

Bus: The SITA bus to Positano is the cheapest way to get to Positano. For 2 Euro you can take the 45-minute bus from Sorrento to Positano. The views from the bus are really spectacular too! Be sure to sit on the right side of the bus.

Private Car Transfer: The most expensive, but efficient way to get to Positano is hiring a private car transfer from Naples Airport to Positano. The cost is around 100E+ but definitely the easiest.

The Only Positano Travel Guide You Need | Top Positano Travel Tips: Ferry

My experience getting to Positano

From the long journey, I had to get to Positano, taking a private car is almost worth it! I landed in Naples Airport at 7:30 PM. The ferry and direct bus service from Naples to Sorrento already had stopped service for the day. The only option I had was to take the Circumvesuviana train from Naples Garibaldi Train Station to Sorrento.

I had heard this train was a little sketchy, and those rumors are very true. I felt uncomfortable the whole hour on the train.

Our luggage gave it away that we were tourists so we had to be highly aware and suspicious of the people around us to avoid being robbed. As the train neared Sorrento the safer we began to feel.

Nothing happened to us, but being aware of your surroundings is very important as professional pick-pockets roam this train! I wouldn’t take this train again. Once in Sorrento, we spent the night at a hotel and headed for the SITA bus to Positano the next morning.

To avoid this train, be sure to fly into Naples before 7 PM so you can either take a ferry or direct bus right into Sorrento! From Sorrento, you can either take another ferry or the SITA bus directly to Positano.

Where to Stay in Positano

Positano is definitely the photogenic star of the Amalfi Coast. Anywhere you stay will have stunning views (most likely with terraces). There are really only 2 main roads that run through Positano, so carrying your luggage through the narrow alleyways is inevitable whether you stay at the top or bottom of the hill.

I stayed on the quieter Fornillo side of Positano. My views weren’t what you see on the typical Positano Postcards, but nevertheless had the same amount of stunning impact.

I would recommend staying on this side of the town. Not only is it a little quieter, but you can save some money as it is a little further from Spiaggia Grande beach which acts as the center of town.

If you aren’t concerned about budget, then you will not have a hard time finding a stunning place to call home for a couple of days, or weeks if you’re lucky!

The Only Positano Travel Guide You Need | Top Positano Travel Tips: Where to Stay

Finding Accommodation

You can find accommodations online through major booking sites as you would with any other location, but most accommodations in Positano are boutique hotels or family-run bed & breakfasts. I found the cutest Venus Inn Bed & Breakfast on

The Only Positano Travel Guide You Need | Top Positano Travel Tips: Where to Stay
Views from our Bed and Breakfast in Fornillo

Getting Around Positano & the Amalfi Coast

Walking/ Climbing: So if you have done any research on Positano, you know there are steps everywhere! One night we had dinner on the beach and had to climb over 200 steps to get back to our Bed & Breakfast.

I tried counting for an exact amount but lost track after 200! You can avoid the climb by veering on the main road, but will take you double the time to get anywhere.

While there are many steps, I didn’t find it as exhausting as I thought it would be! Positano is also a small town. If anything you can walk the entire town within 20 minutes on the main road.

The fun of course is getting lost within the narrow alleyways off the main road. There you’ll find stunning cute vignettes, cats, and stunning views of the coast!

Bus: There is a public bus that goes along the main road in Positano if get tired from walking around. These busses will also take you along the coast to the other villages! This is an option if you would like to do a day trip to another town.

Ferry: A faster and more scenic way to get along the coast is by taking ferries. Travel Mar is one of the main companies that offer multiple ferries to the majority of towns.

The cost varies on what town you’re visiting. For example, a one-way to Capri is about 20 Euros while a one-way to Amalfi is 8 Euro.

Vespa: You can rent a Vespa for a day from Positano and ride along the coast! Only for the brave, however. While there is only one main road, the cliffs turn abruptly and the view looking down may scare some away. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

Private Car: While the most expensive, renting a private car with a driver is always an option!

The Only Positano Travel Guide You Need | Top Positano Travel Tips: Getting Around

The Only Positano Travel Guide You Need | Top Positano Travel Tips: Getting Around

What Kind of Food to Expect

It is no surprise that the food will be Italian, but expect a lot of seafood! There aren’t many grocery stores to buy your own food to make. I remember passing by 2 stores that were a little pricy.  I even spoke to a local and she has to go to Sorrento once a week to buy her groceries! So I wouldn’t plan on making your own food.

My Favorite Spots:

Bar Buca di Bacco: Casual Spot right on the main beach! In the morning you can get your coffee & croissant fix and during lunch a pizza and a glass of wine! A more affordable option amongst the other sit-down restaurants on the main beach.

Ristorante Saraceno D’Oro: A sit-down restaurant on the Fornillo side of Positano. I loved the energy of this place. You could tell the people working were just having a good time! A refreshing vibe compared to a lot of the ‘stuffier’ restaurants.

The Only Positano Travel Guide You Need | Top Positano Travel Tips: Food

Favorite Time of Day: Aperitivo

When in Italy you go for aperitivo. It’s essentially like our Happy Hour in the states, but your drink comes with light bites that will hold you over until dinner. The best way to experience aperitivo in Positano is to head to the spots with the most stunning views!

Favorite Apertivo Spots

Franco’s Bar: Inside Le Sirenuse Hotel is Franco’s Bar, a trendy drink-only spot with stunning views! This place was quite comical though. It’s a place to be ‘seen’ and definitely filled with American tourists. It felt like a New York Rooftop bar with the ‘scene’ and loud house music. Be sure to wear a nice outfit.

Hotel Poseidon: Much quieter than Franco’s Bar! This spot was hands down my favorite spot in Positano. I went more than once during my short visit.  The staff was so nice and accommodating, even brought us blankets when it was cold outside! The views are just as good as Franco’s Bar!


Souvenir shops line the main street in Positano. You will find a range of Positano clothes, limoncello, hand-painted ceramics, and custom sandals. I had to bring home a pair of custom sandals! I picked out the materials, color, and style. Then the sandals were made before my eyes within 20 minutes! Such a unique souvenir!

The Only Positano Travel Guide You Need | Top Positano Travel Tips: Shopping The Only Positano Travel Guide You Need | Top Positano Travel Tips: ShoppingThe Only Positano Travel Guide You Need | Top Positano Travel Tips: Shopping

Budgeting for Positano

Positano on a Budget? How Much It Really Costs to Travel to the Amalfi Coast

Visiting these gorgeous towns along the coast isn’t just reserved for the rich and famous. You can easily enjoy Positano & Amalfi on a budget, but don’t expect your accommodations to be grand.

While the average price per night in Positano is around 300 USD- 500USD, if you book early enough you can find some beds and breakfasts for around 150USD. Expect higher rates during the high season from June-September.

The food in Positano is also on the pricer side if you choose to sit down during lunch and dinner. For lunch, I usually went to Bar Buca di Bacco, a casual spot along the beach, and had a pizza or sandwich that held me over for dinner! The food in Positano is so fresh, having fresh seafood is a must for dinner!

The Only Positano Travel Guide You Need | Top Positano Travel Tips: Food

What to Pack

Just like any city in Italy, it can get cold in the winter and hot in the summer. To be safe during the summer months, a light jacket can be a lifesaver if it gets chilly at night. Also, with the many gift shops lining the street you can always buy something!

Also, a pair of comfortable shoes will be necessary to climb the many steps of Positano! I personally brought 3 pairs of shoes: one sneaker, a low espadrilles wedge, and an espadrilles flat which was perfect for 5 days in Positano.

Keep Your Euros Handy

Carry cash on you at all times as some businesses don’t accept credit cards, especially in the small towns along the Amalfi Coast. You can get by with just a credit card but be sure to carry euros for small purchases like water.

Things to Do in Positano

Unlike Rome where there are a plethora of historical sights to see, the Amalfi coast is reserved for relaxation (except the many stairs that you have to walk every day).

Spend your days at the beach. There are two beaches in Positano. Spiaggia Grande is the main beach that acts as the center of town! If you are looking for something quieter head to Fornillo, just a 5-10 minute walk along the coastal pathway.

Take a ride around the Amalfi Coast on a private boat tour

Enjoy fresh Italian food and have more than one negroni during aperitivo.

Take a day trip to Capri

Capture the Views from every angle

Design you’re own custom sandals (even men too)

Hope you found this Positano Travel Guide Helpful! Be sure to pin!


  1. I have been telling my husband how much I want to visit Positano, your pictures make me want to go right now! We loved visiting Cinque Terre so much, so I feel like we would like this too! Is there any hiking in the area? You’ve got some great practical info here! Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you so much! There is in fact a hiking trail in Positano called the Path of Gods! I didn’t have enough time to check it out but I heard the views are stunning!

  2. Just came across your site and video – super informative – thanks! Just curious to know which month were you in Positano?

  3. Dana: We are going to Positano in Sept. The Venus B & B is booked our dates ( Sept 14-18). Can you recommend another nice place to stay. We are couple that pretty much LIKES everything you show to do on your You Tube. ( WE LOVE COFFEE!) Thanks, Karen.

  4. Hey Dana-Watched various vlogs and came across yours. Love the clarity with how you explain, followed by pictures, captions, even a written trancript. Will now start following you over insta. Pls give a great detail(as much possible) on two things:
    1. Renting a private boatWhat time should I rent- I want cliff view of Positano from the water but when sun is soft/not harsh. What route to keep that view. Reasonably good looking boat for 2-private-cost? Company you suggest. Can I book online.

    2. When is the light best-sunrise or sunset?depending on mountain

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