Positano Travel Tips From A Local: Q&A With Nicki Positano

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Positano Travel Tips From a Local

Positano Italy is a popular vacation destination filled high with tourists every summer. But during the winter, it is a quiet village home to 3,800 residents. I wanted to get a local’s perspective on traveling to Positano, so I interviewed my friend Nicki, a local Positano resident. Here are some Positano travel tips from a local.

Nicki Positano

Nicki Positano

Nicki is an English makeup artist who has been living in Positano for 21 years and showcases what it’s really like to live on the Amalfi Coast through many videos on her Youtube Channel.

P.S. you have to check out her Quarantine Diaries series, so insightful on what’s happening now in Positano.

We met last year on a boat trip around Capri with our friends at Bluestar Positano, and I am so glad she shared an inside look at visiting Positano from a Local’s perspective.

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1. How long have you lived in Positano?

I have lived here for just over 21 years, although at first I only meant to stay for one summer! I’d already been vacationing every summer here since I was 12, and had made friends with the local kids.

I just felt at home here, then, of course, I met a man and fell in love and stayed!

spiaggia grande

2. #1 thing tourists should do in Positano?

Explore more! Catch a bus up to the top and walk back down again. Too many people don’t leave the beach area and miss out on the spectacular views from higher up.

3. A Romantic Way to Spend the Evening?

There’s nothing more romantic than getting takeaway pizzas and going to the beach, sitting on the shore in the moonlight, even take a dip in the water!


4. Best place for a quick/cheap bite in Positano?

The upper floor of Capricci restaurant has a selection of yummy ready-cooked dishes to go and so does the Delicatessen. Perfect for a beach picnic!

Spiaggia Grande Beach

5. Favorite shops for Souvenirs? Any popular items to purchase?

Citronella candles in hand-painted ceramic jars from La Zagara, all the beachwear from Antica Sartoria.

And Amanda Tabberers beautiful coffee table book called My Amalfi Coast. Ooh, and a big bag of lemon Sherbert candies from any of the grocery stores!

Positano streets

6. What is your favorite activity to do in Positano as a local?

Kayaking! I go out early in the morning, with my dog for company and paddle along the coast hoping to come across a dolphin. I’ve never found one while kayaking, but my friends have!

I come back to shore just as the boat trips are starting to leave and the sea gets busy and then treat myself to breakfast at Casa e Bottega.

7. Any misconceptions about living in Positano?

Ha! Everyone thinks it must be heaven to live here, but they don’t consider the realities of daily life in a vertical town.

Try carrying 5 bags of groceries and a sleepy child up or down 400 steps in the pouring rain in the winter after you’ve parked a mile away from home because there’s no parking and you might have a rethink!

When my daughter was little we never had a buggy. We carried her everywhere until she could walk.

It’s a physically tough place to live and not many people have the luxury of parking near home or even having a home at road level!

positano stairs

8. How many locals live in Positano year-round?

There are 3,800 residents in Positano. It is small enough that everyone knows each other and can easily spot a stranger!

9. What is it like during the winter? Recommend visiting then?

In the winter it is very quiet. Nearly all of the shops, hotels, and restaurants are closed. A lot of the summer workers go away for a month or two in January and February and there is not much to do.

There is no gym, cinema, theatre, park in Positano as everything is geared to the tourists and the summer season.

I would only recommend visiting in the winter if you wanted a very peaceful time or to do a lot of hiking and quiet nights in.

Positano Italy

Positano Italy

10. Most popular month to visit?

August and September are the busiest months, but I would choose May as the nicest month to visit as the weather is perfect: not too hot and there are so many beautiful flowers in bloom.

11. Favorite town on the Amalfi Coast for a day trip?

Ravello is a lovely place to go for a day trip. It is high in the hills above Amalfi, and completely different from the beach towns below.

There are stunning gardens to visit and a big old piazza lined with cafes where you can sit and watch the world go by.

12. Favorite Part about living in Positano?

You are never lonely. If you feel sad or alone you can just go out for a walk and will always find someone to talk to.

Also, those views don’t get old!

Sometimes at sunset in the winter, I just take a mug of tea and go sit out on the mountainside and watch the sun setting over the town, it’s way better than the TV!

Positano Italy

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