Photos of NYC During Quarantine | 40 Portraits of New York City

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Photos of NYC During Quarantine

Firstly, welcome to my blog. If you are new here, I’m Dana a travel blogger based in New York City and have been living here for 8 years. New York has never been seen like this, and I wanted to show Photos of NYC During Quarantine. Photography has always been a passion of mine, and I never had the chance to really showcase New York.

Mostly this is a photo diary of different parts of the city where it’s easy for me to get to safety.

Please Note: Photos below were taken over a period of time from late April 2020 to May 2020. I wore a mask and remained socially distant while taking photos to stay safe. No need to get into the specifics of the virus here. For more information, head to the CDC. I want this post to just be about New York, and what the city that never sleeps looks like in this part in time: sleepy.


Shops still remain closed in Soho. During a sunny Saturday afternoon, Broadway was completely empty, a sparse difference to what it normally looks like. In the past, you could hardly get down Broadway without running into someone. Stores have boarded up their windows, and artists have painted over them with colorful murals. Be sure to check out my Soho Instagram Spots for more photo spots.

Soho New York City Empty Broadway Soho New York City Empty Boarded Up Shops

Soho New York City Empty Greene Street

Little Cupcake Shop in Soho New York Lombardi Pizza Restaurant Soho NYC

New York City Empty During Quarantine Soho New York City Empty

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park has always been one of my favorite places to people watch. It still remains a place where local people hang out, but it’s not as crowded as it usually is.

Washington Square Park Arc New York City

Washington Square Park Arc New York City

Washington Square Park Arc New York City

The West Village

These photos were taken during late May 2020 and it seems that the West Village is coming alive. Just recently over the past weekend, restaurants and bars are now offering take-away food and beverages. Before you were never allowed to take-away alcohol on the sidewalk, but now I guess you can walk around with a frosé?

West Village Townhome NYC

Boucherie NYC Townhome West Village

West Village During Quarantine NYC. New York City Photography


West Village During Quarantine

Restaurants offering Take away drinks.

East Village

The East Village is a local neighborhood in New York City. Most businesses still remain closed or offer to-go options. While it’s usually a lively neighborhood bustling with cafes, restaurants, and bars, it’s now a quiet part of the city.

St. Marks New York City Photography

East Village Michael Jackson Mural KobraEast Village New York City Photography

Union Square

Union Square Empty During Quarantine

Union Square Empty During Quarantine

I Love New York Mural NYC

Astor Place New York City Photography Liquor Store in New York City

Liquor stores remain open as they are an “essential business”

Flatiron District

Times Square

An empty Times Square can you believe it? I filmed it in my Quarantine Vlog 3 on my Youtube Channel, if you’d like to see it in motion. Usually packed with tourists, Times Square remains pretty empty. However, the Naked Cowboy, a famous Times Square street performer is still singing with his guitar.

Photos of NYC During Quarantine

Photos of NYC During Quarantine

Photos of NYC During Quarantine

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  1. Wow. It’s so eery to see the streets of NYC this quiet! The city is usually bustling with energy and people every day. It must be really strange to be there right now. Hope you’re staying well during this time.

    xoox – Kelly

    1. Hi Kelly! Thank you for your comment! it is so strange to see NYC like this but it is getting better! Hope you are well!

  2. My heart breaks for the city. These pictures are so stunning and wave of nostalgia came over me. These were the very areas I lived and hung out out around in during my time in the city. Sigh miss it still even though it was a lifetime ago.

    1. Aw love that, thank you for commenting! It’s so surreal to see New York like this, but it is getting better!

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