Best Soho NYC Instagram Spots: 10 Spots You Can’t Miss

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Audrey Hepburn Mural NYC

Soho NYC Instagram Spots

There’s a never-ending list of the best photo spots in NYC, and because you loved my NYC Instagram Spots List & Empire State Building Photo spots, I decided to break down my favorite neighborhood in New York City. Here are my top 10 favorite Instagram Spots in Soho NYC.

I also added a map at the end of this post to help you find these locations easier. Let the Soho photo shoot begin.

Photography by: Alsenio Photo

About Soho NYC

What does Soho Stand for?

Before I jump on the list, let me break down some quick SoHo Facts. SoHo stands for South of Houston Street, and you’ll find this neighborhood exactly there. It spans from Houston to Canal Street and is famous for the best shopping in NYC, cute & trendy restaurants, bars, and hotels.

How to get to Soho NYC by Subway:

There are a few ways to reach Soho by Train. 3 major lines all stop in SoHo including:

  • 6 on Spring Street
  • NRW on Prince Street
  • ACE on Spring Street

Soho is in the center of Lower Manhattan and should definitely be a stop on your NYC itinerary. Shopping, bars, food, and beautiful streets what more could you want? Let’s get into the list.

1. Broadway

Photo Locations in NYC

The first NYC photo spot on the list is Broadway. You can’t say you went to SoHo and not step a foot on Broadway.

This street runs 13 miles throughout Manhattan and is what separates SoHo from Nolita, and Little Italy. This street is iconic for SoHo because most commercialized stores are located on this street like Bloomingdales, Sephora, Zara, Aritzia. Other high-end shops are located on the side streets just off of Broadway.

If you take an open Bus tour in New York City you can also stop on Broadway to explore the Soho neighborhood.

This is one of the busiest streets in SoHo, so you can capture the hustle and bustle of New York City perfectly on this street.

Tip: I love coming to this location around sunset to see all the streetlights illuminated in my photos.

2. Nomo Hotel Entrance

nomo soho hotel nomo soho hotel

I will always love the Nomo Hotel’s ivy filled archway entrance. This hotel is situated off of Crosby Street, a quiet oasis in SoHo making the greenery a pretty retreat from the concrete jungle.

If you have time, be sure to check out the restaurant inside, Nomo Kitchen which not only is delicious, it’s a perfect backdrop for more photos.

3. Prince Street Subway Entrance

soho nyc

Being a local New Yorker, I find Subway entrances to be a part of the norm. But if I really think about them they are such an iconic part of New York City.

On Prince Street and Broadway, you will find 4 subway entrances on each of the street corners. I opted for the one with the best light which happened to be on the southeastern side of Prince Street.

4. Big City of Dreams Mural

New York New York big city of dreams

New York New York big city of dreams

Dress: Lovers & Friends

This mural is one of my favorites in NYC. Painted by LA native Tristan Eaton, it captures the importance of New York and Street art. It is also fairly easy to photograph because it is located next to an open parking lot. Come during the morning to get the perfect sunlight background. 

5.  Ralph Lauren Store

polo ralph lauren soho

Located on Prince and Greene, this building captures the traditional loft-style building Soho is famous for. It is the perfect backdrop for any photo in Soho and is easy to capture because the streets aren’t that busy!

Once you are in the area, walk along Prince Street towards West Broadway. There you will find more restaurants, and the famous French Pastry Shop and Restaurant Laduree. During the summer they have an amazing outdoor seating area perfect for a light lunch after exploring SoHo.

6.Audrey Hepburn Mural

Dress: Lovers & Friends

Technically located in Little Italy, the Audrey Hepburn mural is another one painted by Tristan Eaton. This fun mural adds a pop of color to Mulberry Street. It is a perfect backdrop for your photos and also photographs well by itself.

While you are on Mulberry Street, the center of Little Italy, be sure to walk around. You can find pasticcerias, cafes, restaurants, and unique Italian window displays showcasing different kinds of pasta, etc. This area makes you feel like you are in an old movie.

7. Greene Street

greene street soho

Dress: Lovers & Friends

Greene Street is one of the photogenic streets in Soho. There are beautiful SoHo Lofts & original cobblestones that line the street, in addition to some nice shopping. I was very lucky when a cab was parked between rides which made for another perfect NYC backdrop. If you don’t see one parked, plenty cabs drive by.

The best view of Greene Street is looking south From Either Houston or Prince Street. The light in the afternoon is also especially nice!


8. Fanelli Cafe

Fanelli Cafe

Fanelli Cafe

This restaurant/ bar has been in operation since 1847. I just love the exterior as a backdrop for any Soho Photo. For the best light, I would come during the morning or the evening when the streets aren’t as busy. I’ve actually never been inside, however, I am sure it’s pretty historic.

9. Lafayette and Prince

Lafayette & Prince Street Corner

Another corner in SoHo that captures the feeling of this neighborhood. I took this photo on an abnormally warm winter weekend and the streets were packed. I love how people show the reality of New York. Sometimes you don’t have to wake up early to get the photos that you want.

If you are in the area and need a bite to eat. Check out SoHo Park located right on the same corner. They offer a relaxed vibe with American staples like burgers, beer, and wine!


10. Pietro Nolita

Pietro Nolita nyc

Pietro Nolita is probably the most photo-worthy restaurant in SoHo. And you probably have seen this famous pink restaurant all over Instagram and Pinterest, but I couldn’t forget it on this list.

Pietro Nolita is actually an Italian Restaurant, but they made the outside just as instagrammable as the inside. The best time to shoot this is in the morning to avoid others trying to take the same photo.


Photography by: Alsenio Photo

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Hope you enjoyed this Soho NYC Instagram Spots List

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  1. I’d love to visit the Audrey Hepburn mural by Tristan Eaton on Mulberry! It’s absolutely gorgeous. I guess I always thought that Soho was beautiful, but I never really thought about how many beautiful Instagrammable places it has.

    1. Yes! There are so many photogenic corners and thankfully they are right next to each other! Hopefully you can see them all soon.

  2. Great shots! I love that Audrey Hepburn mural. Would love to check out a bunch of these spots on our next trip to New York. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love all your photos, thanks for sharing! I’m hoping to go to NYC this summer and will definitely be visiting these spots, need more content for the ‘gram haha!

  4. I’ve only been to New York before I started my IG account and I wanna go back ever since to create some epic photos like yours! Saved your guide for my future trip, thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  5. I love this list of Instagram spots in Soho! It’s such a great area for food, shopping, and nightlife. I’m definitely going to check out a few of these spots!

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