Cefalu Sicily | Top Tips On Visiting The Sicilian Beach Town

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Cefalu Sicily | Top Tips On Visiting The Sicilian Beach Town

If you have been on my blog before, you know that I am obsessed with charming coastal villages like Positano Italy. And what surprised me about Cefalu Sicily was the fact that I didn’t visit sooner!

This town has everything I look for in my ideal coastal getaways: beautiful scenery, a large beach, and charming streets. Read on why you should visit this charming Sicilian Beach town.

Cefalu Sicily

Okay full disclaimer, I had NO IDEA Cefalu existed until I started doing research on a trip to Palermo.

Originally I was going to stay four nights in Palermo and do a day trip to a beach town to either Mondello or Cefalu.

Mondello takes a bit longer to get to, so I opted for the latter. It was then, after seeing photographs and reading more about this charming town, I knew I had to base my entire trip there. And I am so glad I did.

This is one of the first places that I have visited with zero expectations. I am all about a destination that doesn’t have so much to do, but yet provides a charm you just can’t describe.

Not only is it charming and romantic, but there is also even a real sand beach, unlike the rocks beaches in Greece or Positano.

It left me in awe and I am so surprised I haven’t heard much about it in the travel space.

If you are planning a trip to Cefalu Sicily, consider adding a few days in here. If you are also in Palermo it’s a definite must even you can only get here on a day trip. Let’s get into the guide.

Cefalu Beach

Corso Ruggero Cefalu

How to Get to Cefalu

If I have learned anything from traveling so much, it would be this: the cutest towns are not located near the airport. And that’s the case with Cefalu.

It’s not a horrible journey, but if you are coming straight from the airport then it will take about 2 hours to get to.

From the Airport:

From the airport, you’ll need to get to Palermo Central Station. The cheapest way is to take the Prestia-Comandè bus that runs every 30 minutes for 6€ per person.

You can opt to take a taxi, but keep in mind the traffic can get a little hectic and might run up an expensive bill.

The bus was a nice coach bus and was actually quite nice especially for the price. The entire journey took about 50 minutes to get to Palermo Central Station.

From Palermo Central Station:

Once at the Palermo Central Station, you will need to buy a train ticket to Cefalu.

You can check time tables in advance, but there is no need to purchase tickets in advance as there are trains departing every hour or so.

You may never know how long the airport transfer may actually take. Prices range from 8€-12€.

Cefalu beach

Where to Stay in Cefalu Sicily

Cefalu is quite a small town, so anywhere you’ll stay near the Church of Cefalu you’ll be within walking distance to everything. I found the cutest apartment on Airbnb and it had all the Sicilian charm I was looking for.

It even has a terrace overlooking “Corso Ruggero” one of the main streets.

A perfect spot for morning coffee and prime people-watching. It was also so affordable at $67 a night! 

If you are new to Airbnb, save $55 on your first booking!

Cefalu Sicily

Other Apartments:

You won’t find a lot of hotels here, but there are plenty of apartments/B&B’s and most are around $100 a night or under! Here are some other favorites.

What to do in Cefalu Sicily

You definitely won’t be overwhelmed with lots of things to do in Cefalu, and that is why I love it so much.

It’s a beach resort town and relaxing seems to be the number one thing on the menu.

Here are the things I did while in this charming town:

Spiaggia di Cefalu

Known for its beach. Unlike other Mediterranean beaches I have visited, there are actual sandy beaches. No uncomfortable rocks here.

We spent literally ALL DAY at the beach and rented beach chairs from Lido Poseidon for 20€. They have a full bar and menu so you can order drinks and food as you go.

From the beach, you’ll have an amazing view of “La Rocca” which I climbed. Read more about that below.

Lido Poseidon also has a happy hour during sunset that includes light bites and cocktails.

We witnessed the most gorgeous purple sunset here our first night and I knew that this town was something very special.

Cefalu Sicily

Just to note: while you are laying on the beach you’ll be encountered by many many ladies selling massages. I really appreciated their hustle coming back day after day, and finally gave in to a 30-minute massage.

Walk around the Town

The best way to take in the character of the town is by walking around the streets. Be sure to stop by the main square and observe the medieval church of Cefalu. 

It was constructed during the Norman period of 1131. In this main square, you’ll find people listening to music at night and having a cold cup of Gelato.

Cefalu Sicily

The Marina is where I took so many photos because of its charm! Locals were fishing, and just playing cards.

Cefalu Sicily


Climb La Rocca

After laying on the beach for days and not really exerting much physical activity, I was definitely up for the challenge to climb “La Rocca”.

La Rocca is around 268 meters high and was not that hard to climb, mostly walking uphill on rock pavement. There is also a lot of history surrounding La Rocca and structures dating back to the 4th and 5th centuries.

Cefalu la rocca

cefalu la rocca

There is a 4€ admission fee to climb so be sure to carry some cash. Another thing I didn’t realize is there are a few different paths once you reach the top.

I opted to go towards the “Castle of Cefalu” and overlooked the Eastern part. The view up there was incredible and you can see just how blue the water is.

Where to Eat

Al Faro: Just a short walk outside of the main town you’ll find Al Faro a quaint restaurant with outside seating overlooking the water.

I celebrated my birthday dinner here and was a great experience!

Pasta e Pasti: This is a casual restaurant serving everything Pasta. You pick your noodle and sauce combination, portions are large and were budget-friendly!


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  1. Such a cute town indeed! I have been to Sicily but on the other side (Catania) but Cefalu is now on my bucket list! Very picturesque little beach too!

  2. Absolutely beautiful…. my grandparents are from Palermo. My sister and I have been planning out trip to Sicily this fall.
    I pray we won’t have to postpone it until next year because of the Coronavirus…?? ????
    Our grandfather’s name was Giovanni Randazzo, and grandmother’s name Tanina Bellanta.
    We found a villa to stay at and we plan on staying for at least a month…

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