Valiant Lady Virgin Voyages Review

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Valiant Lady Virgin Voyages

Valiant Lady Virgin Voyages Review

Virgin Voyages really is shaking up the cruise industry, because it’s not your average cruise.

Its purpose is to feel like a cruise you’ve never been on before- and it delivers.

Virgin Voyages is adults-only (18+). There is no main dining room with set dinner times, no formal nights, and no traditional buffet.

Instead, you’ll find intimate (and well-designed) restaurants like you’d find in any major city- making you question if you’re even on a cruise at all.

Plus there’s exciting entertainment & activities on board like a karaoke parlor, a tattoo parlor, Instagram-worthy vignettes, incredible and unique shows, and more!

I sailed on Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady Western Caribbean 6-night cruise from Miami, and a 7-night southern Caribbean cruise out of San Juan Puerto Rico.

Here’s my honest review of Valiant Lady Virgin Voyages sharing what I loved and didn’t.

Valiant Lady Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages Cruise

What I will be covering in this review:

  • Stateroom features
  • Dining & drink options (what you should eat & drink)
  • Entertainment
  • The Pool Deck
  • Shops on Board
  • Well-being (Spa & Fitness Center)
  • Overall Thoughts


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Virgin Voyages Cruise

Valiant Lady Virgin Voyages


Things to Know Before You Go

  • Virgin Voyages cruises are Adults-only (18+)
  • What’s included? Food, basic beverages (water, sparkling water, soda, tea, drip coffee) gratuities, WiFi, Speciality Dining, and group fitness classes.
  • What’s not included? Alcoholic Beverages, shore things, special activities on board.
  • During embarkation, you’ll receive “The Band” a smart wristband that you can use as a room key, make onboard purchases, and pay for drinks tab, and game at the casino.
  • Download the Virgin Voyages App before your cruise to reserve dining book shore things (shore excursions), and see what activities are planned on the ship.
  • Bring your own reusable water bottle. You’ll find filtered water stations around the ship, but there are no cups by them.
  • Pack something red for the Scarlet Night Party- the night you won’t want to miss on board.


Valiant Lady Staterooms

Virgin Voyages Stateroom

I stayed in a Sea Terrace room on deck 14. The rooms are spacious- even for a cruise ship room.

Most rooms feature a balcony with a fun red hammock to overlook the ocean views, but of course, interior cabins are still available.

I loved how there was a large closet and built-in drawers to store away clothing, and suitcases can fit under the bed. There were also plenty of mirrors which made getting ready easier.

There is a handy tablet that you can control the room lights, order room service, request items, and control the entertainment. There are loads of good movies available to stream anytime in the room.

The bathrooms however are pretty small, but the showers are extra roomy featuring a waterfall showerhead. Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are available.

Room Tips:  I always pack my magnetic hooks that I can hang hats on and an LED travel mirror which allows me to get ready anywhere in the room. Also, don’t forget binoculars!

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Valiant Lady Dining

Food is always a big concern when booking any all-inclusive vacation, and the options onboard far exceeded my expectations.

Virgin Voyages has scrapped the main dining room concept and has initiated smaller specialized restaurants that will please any cravings. The restaurants all feel like specialty dining that would normally be an upcharge on other cruises.

Restaurants are intimate and beautifully designed. I truly felt like I was in a hip restaurant in a major city- rather than on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

Overall, I felt the dining had a great variety of options, including many healthy bites. I didn’t feel like I was eating unhealthily my entire trip (except for the late-night delicious fire-roasted pizza).

Since I was on a 6-night cruise, and a 7-night cruise, I was able to experience all 6 dinner sit down restaurants!

Tip: Be sure to make reservations before your cruise on the app to secure your preferred time slot!

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The Wake

Virgin Voyages Cruise

Arguably one of the most beautiful restaurants on board, The Wake is a steak and seafood restaurant filled with a mid-twentieth-century atmosphere, raw bar, and swanky table-side cocktail service.

For dinner, the filet mignon was the best choice on the menu with steak sides like mushrooms, fries, asparagus and more.


Pink Agave

Virgin Voyages Cruise

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Virgin Voyages Cruise

Get your cameras ready, the entrance to Pink Agave is like walking into a hip nightclub. But inside you’ll find deep velvet furnishings,  the largest Mezcal selection at sea, and Mexican street food favorites.

You have to order the tuna tartare and the corn esquites! (We actually ordered 3!) For the main dishes, the steak was delicious!



Virgin Voyages Cruise

This was the restaurant I was most excited about! Gunbae is a Korean restaurant, that offers a social interactive dining experience.

You’ll start off with fun soju drinking games with your table to get the fun going. I ordered the K-Pop Star cocktail that arrives in a disco ball and it was my favorite cocktail on board. We also ordered an array of appetizers (corn-dogs are a must), and for the main course, the meat was cooked in front of you!

I really enjoyed Gunbae and should be a must-do on your cruise.


Test Kitchen

The most unique dining experience was the Test Kitchen- a laboratory-like eatery where the set menu uses unique and creative ingredients and plating. For example, our dessert was asparagus ice cream with candied ginger (and it was SO GOOD).

It’s hard to explain, but if you like to push the envelope with your food and like trying new things, make a reservation here!


Extra Virgin

Virgin Voyages Dining
Extra Virgin Dining Room
Virgin Voyages restaurants
Carbonara Pasta

Extra Virgin is Virgin Voyages Italian restaurant featuring regionally inspired dishes. The pasta here was delicious and an order of gnocchi is a must. Plus you can order half sizes of pastas to try more dishes.

For dessert, there is a gelato cart where you can add your toppings including espresso.


Razzle Dazzle

Valiant Lady Virgin Voyages

Razzle Dazzle is a super fun black and red space that resembles a modern diner serving vegetarian dishes.

Don’t shy away if you think a vegetarian dinner won’t be your thing. The mushroom tartare, ravioli, and shishito peppers were delicious.

There is a naughty menu that offers meat dishes (the chicken and waffles looked amazing). On top of the naughty menu, there’s also a secret menu!


The Galley

Valiant Lady Virgin Voyages

While not a “buffet” this is where you can go to get pre-made meals from 8 different food shops that have different concepts.

Craving sushi? They have a sushi bar, noodle bar, soup & salads, bakery & pastry shop, a panini shop, burger grill, taco shack, and a 24-hour American eatery serving breakfast all day.

There is a breakfast and lunch menu that is fixed throughout the week.

For breakfast, I enjoyed the toasted PB&J on brioche bread, the salmon tartine, omelets, and the french toast sandwich looked divine.

For lunch, I liked the sandwiches, but I found myself ordering the salmon poke bowl on the pool deck.

For food on the go, there are small pre-packaged snacks like salads, charcuterie boards, and wraps. But for the majority of items, it’s served like a restaurant. Just sit down, and someone will take your order.


Valiant Lady Alcoholic Beverages

Valiant Lady Virgin Voyages

Drink Prices & Tips

Virgin Voyages does not offer drink packages, so all alcoholic beverages are an extra charge on your account.

If you like to have some cocktails while poolside and enjoy adult beverages throughout the evening (like me) – you may not LOVE this feature.

BUT, because they are not pre-batching hundreds of sugary cocktails made with mediocre ingredients the quality of drinks on board is 10/10.

So when you order a cocktail, you’ll know it was made fresh- and you can actually taste the difference. I’d rather have 1 really good margarita, than 3 bad ones.


Let’s talk price: Basic cocktails were $9, and specialty cocktails ranged from $13 to $15. Beer is $5 – $6. And most wines were under $10. Champagne is available at $21 per glass.

Pre-paid bar tabs are available at a value. For example, if you prepay $300 in alcoholic beverages, they will give you an extra $50.

Insider tip: If you think you’ll rack up a high bar tab, you CAN bring up to 2 bottles of wine per cabin. You can enjoy it in your room (no need to bring an opener, there is one in your room), or bring your special bottle to dinner (note: $25 corkage fee)


Where to Drink on Valiant Lady

Valiant Lady Virgin Voyages
Sip Champagne Bar

You won’t go thirsty on board as there are many places to have a cocktail. There is Sip, a champagne bar, the Draught Haus for beer, On the Rocks lounge for specialty drinks, and the Dock House– a gorgeous Mediterranean-inspired indoor and outdoor lounge serving mezze bites and cocktails.

For suite members, you have access to Richards Rooftop which features a separate menu of cocktails and light bites.


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Valiant Lady Pool Deck

Valiant Lady Virgin Voyages

Valiant Lady Virgin Voyages
Wellness Pool

The pool deck (deck 15) is where I like to spend my sea days and this pool deck featured 2 pools. One was the circular wellness pool and the main pool. More than half of the main pool is shallow which is perfect for cooling down, but the deep area is quite small- which on a full cruise could get crowded.

I did love the daybeds surrounding the pool which were so comfortable and are available first come first serve. Plus there are a few rows of pool chairs

The cruise I was on it seemed like it was a late-night crowd, so there was no hurry to try to get a good chair on the pool deck.


Pool Deck Food & Drink

Valiant Lady Virgin Voyages
Poke Bowl

At the pool bar, you can order a few specialty cocktails including frozen drinks. The Frose was my go-to order on hot sunny days.

Upstairs on the pool deck 16, there is a made-to-order restaurant serving poke bowls, bao buns, and dips. I loved how healthy the options were here, and I ate lunch here almost every day!


The Dock House Deck 7

While there is no pool here if you’re looking for a quiet place with plenty of sunbeds and sun loungers go to the Dock House on deck 7!

The decor is stunning with Mediterranean inspiration serving Mediterranean bites and cocktails.


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Valiant Lady Entertainment

Valiant Lady Virgin Voyages
Duel Reality Show

During the day and early evening, there’s trivia, fitness classes, and DJs for pool deck music.

At night things get fun with more live music, and intimate cabaret shows inside the Manor. Loved watching the Drag Around the World show with the Diva!

Virgin Voyages Drag Show
Drag All Around the World Show

And inside the Red Room, you have to see the Duel Reality show with amazing acrobats and the Dance Party Thing for incredible dancing and fun!

Of course, you have the Casino and Manor Nightclub for dancing in through the late night.


Valiant Lady Well-Being


Valiant Lady Virgin Voyages

If you’re looking to stay in shape- or start exercising again, Virgin Voyages really makes it easy to stay healthy onboard.

What I loved were the complimentary fitness classes like morning sunrise and sunset yoga, meditation, spin class, HIT classes, and a weightless Bungie class which was a blast!

In addition to fitness classes, there is also a spacious weight and cardio room, an outdoor basketball court, and outdoor gym equipment.

Another plus was the running/walking track is on an elevated floor so you can focus on your workout.


Redemption Spa

This is the place to go for relaxing self-care. There are treatments you can book, or you can visit the Thermal suite that includes a mud room, salt room, sauna, steam room, hammam benches, and plunge pools.


Valiant Lady Shops

If you’re looking for shopping on board, you’ll find cute boutiques and a convenience store that has most things you would forget on a cruise like sunscreen, toiletries, etc. Plus there are jewelry stores, a Chanel makeup store, and a tattoo and piercing shop!


What to Pack

I have a handy list of what to pack for a cruise from Amazon on the blog. But you should bring these items on your Virgin Cruise.

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Valiant Lady Virgin Voyages

Valiant Lady Final Thoughts

Overall I had a great time on Virgin Voyages! This cruise offers something a bit different than your traditional cruise and has an overall younger feel.

Here’s what I loved:

  • The Food: I really enjoyed the food quality and variety. I never felt more healthy on a cruise before, and I liked the different dining options.
  • Specialty dining included: There was no upcharge to dine at any restaurant, all dining restaurants are included.
  • Fitness Classes: Loved that you could sign up for any class for free which would be extra on other cruises.
  • Overall Wellness: There definitely felt like a wellness cruise from the variety of wellness activities and healthy food options.
  • Adults Only: Everywhere felt like an escape, and everything from entertainment to activities was geared toward adults.
  • Fun entertainment: Enjoyed the variety of entertainment which was geared towards adults.


  • Smaller pool: the main pool is quite small, and is mostly used for dipping. No space for swimming.
  • No all-inclusive drink packages: If you’re looking to be totally all-inclusive, there is no drink package currently. However, the drinks are fairly priced so this may be a PRO if you’re not a heavy drinker! Take advantage of pre-purchasing a bar tab to get some money back. For example, I purchased $300 in advance and received $50 in extra bar credit.
  • Late Check-In: This is both a pro & a con. There is no need to arrive early for your cruise! The earliest they will let anyone on is 2 PM, so if you get there early as we did, you’ll be sitting around outside for a while.

On the positive, everyone has the opportunity to get off late. So you can sleep in on your last cruise day.


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Valiant Lady Virgin Voyages

I would definitely go on Virgin Voyages again! I think this cruise is perfect for anyone- couples, solo trips, and group trips who want to have loads of fun, with high energy, fun entertainment late nights, and relaxation.

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