23 Travel Essentials to Pack for Your Next Trip

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Travel Essentials to Pack

After all the flights I have been on, I have come across items that make life on the go much more pleasant. That’s why I put together these travel essentials of the top things to bring for your next trip.

Whether you are going on a holiday or are traveling for work. This travel packing list will be sure to have you covered! 

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Travel Essentials to Pack for Your Next Trip


1. Carry On Luggage

Travel Essentials
Travelpro: Amazon $144

This Travel Pro Maxlite ultra-lightweight carry-on suitcase is a must for travel. If you’re on the hunt for a new carry-on, this one features 4 spinning wheels, a soft exterior, and it’s expandable by 2 inches for extra room. Plus it fits in the overhead plane compartment easily.



2. Travel Containers

travel essentials
Travel Containers $6.99

If you’re going away for less than one week- you definitely don’t have to pack full-size products. In fact, please don’t!

I always put my skincare, haircare, and some makeup in smaller containers to save space in my suitcase and lessen the load.

I found this set of 6 1oz squeeze tube containers on Amazon, and these work perfectly for items you’d want to bring, but don’t need too much of, ex: sunscreen, hand cream, contact solution, and face moisturizer. 

Travel containers
Travel Containers: $16.95

For other products like shampoo, and conditioner, I like to use larger-size travel containers. This best-selling travel container set from amazon also works like a charm because it comes in many kinds of sizes so you can bring all your essentials. 



3. Lo and Sons Catalina Travel Tote 

Travel Essentials
Travel Tote: Lo and Sons $101 (Sale)

This Lo and Sons Catalina travel tote is the perfect eco-friendly weekend travel bag. This tote comes in two different sizes and had multiple compartments for maximum storage.

My favorite feature is the over-the-suitcase strap which makes walking with your suitcase a breeze. 



4. Packing Cubes

Best Packing Cubes
Packing Cubes Amazon $19.99

If you haven’t tried packing your suitcase with packing cubes, what are you waiting for?! The way you pack will not be the same.

I love keeping all my clothes organized in packing cubes, which helps me stay neat on the go. I usually keep underwear & socks in one cube, and swimsuits, tops, and bottoms in the other cubes. I also find that you can pack more clothes this way.

I love this packing cube set (6 bags) from Amazon because the top part has a mesh detail so you can see inside the cubes without having to open them. Plus, this set has over 20,000 positive reviews. 



5. Portable Phone Charger

Travel Essentials Portable Charger
Portable Charger: Amazon $21.99

What I’ve learned about traveling: Never depend on the airplane to have a charging station. 

That’s why having your own portable charger is a must when traveling. This Anker portable charger can charge your phone (both compatible with iPhone & Android) and iPad so you will always have power. This charger has a USB and USB-C port for charging.



6. Noise-Cancelling Headphones 

Travel Essentials
Noise Canceling Headphones: Amazon $199

I never was a believer in noise-canceling headphones, but now it is one of the most important travel essentials and I will never travel without these noise-canceling Jabra Headphones. This style is extremely comfortable around the ears with extra cushion, and the battery life is long- I’ve never had to recharge in flight (even on long haul).

These headphones help immensely when flying. You won’t hear the engine of the plane, and you can actually hear whatever you are listening to without cranking up the volume. It’s always the first thing I put on when on the plane. 

You can go for 2 types of noise-canceling headphones:

  • Over the Ear:  Provides cushion comfort, but takes up more space when you are traveling. 
  • Earbuds: Smaller compact design, a great option for traveling. 



7.  Foldable Portable Travel Mirror

Travel Mirror
Travel Mirror: Amazon $33.99

This portable travel mirror will soon become your #1 travel essential. How many times have you traveled and the only mirror was in a horribly lit bathroom? I’ve been in that situation so many times. With your own travel mirror that has different light settings, you can get ready in perfect lighting every time. 

This mirror is dimmable, lightweight, has a great charge life, and about the size of an iPad. 

You’ll love it so much you can use it every day at home while getting ready too!



8. Hanging Toiletry Bag

Travel Essentails
Hanging Toiletry Bag: Amazon $22.99- $27.99

I love things that just make sense, and this hanging toiletry bag is perfect to hold all your essentials, and you can hang it so you won’t take up any room on countertops (sometimes you don’t have any counter space!)

Plus, you can see everything with clear compartments, and it can hold more than you think! This top-rated Amazon Toiletry bag comes in two sizes, and a few different colors. 



9. Sunscreen

Travel Packing List
Neutrogena Sunscreen: Target $11.49

Sunscreen is so important to pack especially when traveling to a warmer climate. I like bringing a stick sunscreen formula because it’s small enough to fit in my purse and I won’t have to worry about any spills. Plus it’s TSA-compliant. 



10. Travel Luggage Scale

Travel Must Haves
Travel Scale: Amazon $11

If you tend to be a heavy packer, this travel luggage scale is a must! Instead of finding out your suitcase is overweight at the airport counter, you can weigh it in the comfort of your own home and make necessary adjustments. 

This top-rated travel luggage scale works great and is small enough that it won’t take up too much room in your suitcase. 



11. Swell Water Bottle

Travel Essentials
Swell 25oz: Amazon $37.00

Don’t fall for the overpriced water at the airport! I always bring a reusable water bottle for my travels. Just enter security with the water bottle empty, and you can fill it up just before your flight. 

I personally like to travel with an extra-large size 25oz Swell Water bottle so I don’t have to refill as much. The larger size also will last longer, especially on longer flights and travel days. 

You can also choose from a variety of colors and designs to fit your style.

Pro Tip: You can ask the flight attendants to fill the reusable water bottle up during the flight, instead of using a plastic cup.



12. Travel Steamer

Travel Essentials
Travel Steamer: Amazon $29.97

Never have to worry about a wrinkled outfit again with this travel steamer. You can use this steamer like normal, but you can also steam with clothes laying flat just like an iron.

This is great for traveling because some clothes just don’t steam well on hangers, and you might not even have a place to steam your items on hangers. The lie-flat steam is so genius. 



13. White And Warren Travel Wrap

White and Warren Travel Wrap
Travel Wrap: White and Warren $315

You will not see me traveling without my White and Warren travel wrap. It’s been a best seller for over 20 years, and I can honestly say it’s essential for traveling. It’s made of 100% cashmere and comes in over 22 colors and patterns.  

The travel wrap comes in two different sizes and can be worn as a scarf, blanket, or wrap perfect for all types of travel. This is more of an investment piece, but believe me, you’ll want to take it on every trip. 



14. Amazon Kindle

Travel Packing List
Amazon Kindle: Amazon $69.99 (sale)

The Amazon Kindle is a must for anyone who likes to read on a vacation! Long gone are the days when you had to pack bulky books in your limited travel space. The Kindle allows you to read multiple books, and you no longer have to worry about how much space they are taking up in your bag!



15. Adjustable Travel Pillow

Best Travel Pillow
Travel Pillow: Amazon $24.99

This best-selling adjustable travel pillow on Amazon is worth the hype. It’s a memory foam pillow that can transform into multiple shapes. So you can support not just your neck, but also your shoulders, back, and spine. And it’s affordable at $24.99.


16. Sleep Mask

Travel Essentials
Mavogel Sleep Mask: Amazon $9.99

Sleep masks allow you to get that extra shut-eye that is so needed when traveling. This Mavogel cotton sleep mask has a new design that doesn’t allow any extra light to come in through the nose space. It’s one of Amazon’s top-selling eye masks and it’s only $9.99



17. Waterproof Phone Case

Travel Packing List
Waterproof Case: Amazon $9.99

If your trip involves activities near water, this waterproof phone case is a must for you. Also comes with a strap to keep your phone and important belongings dry on the go. 



18. Hat Holder

Travel Packing List
Hat Holder: LSpace $48

I love bringing hats along with me on tropical trips, but they are not the easiest to pack. 

And yes, I have stacked hats on top of each other just to bring them with me on my trips. Trust me, It was not a cute look. 

Now you can have a stylish hat holder that attaches to your bag to hold your hat! It’s genius and I will never forget my hat on the plane again! 



19. Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Organizer: Amazon $19.99

This jewelry organizer is the best invention ever! Packing accessories always is a last-minute thing for me, and I never packed my jewelry in an organized way. This organizer comes in 3 different sizes9 different colors. Plus it has separate compartments for earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces! 



20. Travel Adapter 

Travel Adapter: Amazon $11.99

Having Travel Adapters are essential for international travel. Some key thing to look out for is the voltage connection. You don’t want to fry your electronics as I did in Greece. RIP hair curler. 

You will find on average converters with 100-240vac which is compatible with most US devices. Just be sure to double-check when plugging your electronics in. 

If you travel internationally this Universal adapter will work in all countries and includes 2 USB charging ports. 



21. Compression Socks

Compression Socks for Women
Compression Socks: Amazon $14.99 (3 Pairs)

These Compression socks work wonders when you are flying. They fit tight across your legs to promote more blood flow and circulation and reduce discomfort in your legs. 



22. Eye Drops

Systane Eye Drops
Systane Eye Drops: Amazon $14.99

I get dry eyes when I travel and having some eye drops on hand saves the day. These lubricating Systane eye drops are TSA-compliant and fit in your bag. 



23. Notebook & Pens

Travel Essentials
Moleskin Notebook: Amazon $22.99
Travel Essentials
G2 Pilot Pens: Amazon $4.99

Packing a notebook and pens might be something you overlook, but they are staple travel essentials

Why are they so important to pack? First of all, there is nothing like brainstorming or jotting down some ideas or things to do while on the plane. There are usually no distractions and it’s a great way to get your mind ready for your trip. 

Also keeping a travel journal is another great way to reflect and remember your vacation. so packing a durable notebook, like Moleskin and a few pens are essential to keep every idea in one place. 

I like to pack a few pens in my bag because these items always seem to disappear especially when you need them.

And, If you are flying internationally, you’ll be thankful you have your own pen to fill out the customs form. Trust me you will see people anxiously looking around for a pen. 






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Hope you enjoyed this travel essentials list for your next trip!

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