Complete Oia Santorini Travel Guide

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Complete Oia Santorini Travel Guide

Santorini has been at the top of my bucket list for years, and I was so excited to visit for the first time this year. When planning my trip to Greece, I had so many questions that I want to cover all in one place. This is my complete Oia Santorini Travel Guide including where to stay and top things to do in Oia.

While this post just covers Oia, I highly recommend checking out my other post on Santorini, top things to see beyond Oia. There is so much to do beyond just Oia. But let’s get into Oia Santorini Travel Guide,  Santorini’s most visited destination. Video version of this post below. 

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Complete Oia Santorini Travel Guide: Everything You need to Know | Dana Berez Greece Travel Guide

Where to Stay In Oia

Before I get into where to stay, I have to explain a bit more about how the small town of Oia is situated. Oia is perched upon a cliffside that is anchored by one main pedestrian road that connects Oia and Finikia.

From that main road, there are side streets that curve down the hillside. That is where you will find the majority of cave hotels in Oia. If there is any place in the world to splurge, this would be it.

The suites along the caldera do come at a price, but the views and privacy just might be worth it!

Complete Oia Santorini Travel Guide: Everything You need to Know | Dana Berez Greece Travel Guide

Ducato Di Oia

If you are looking for the ultimate luxury Cave hotel, this would be it. Ducato Di Oia is a luxury boutique hotel located in a prime location on the caldera with unobstructed views.

So unobstructed that I took photos of the view nearly every hour! It’s also located in a private area so the only people walking around are other guests from hotels nearby.

Each of the ten suites has a unique design and private pool.

I stayed in the Syros Suite, a one-bedroom suite with an indoor pool and large outdoor private patio. It was an oasis coming back home to, especially with how crowded Oia can get.

If you are looking to stay somewhere that you can totally relax all day in, this would be the suite.

Check Rates & Availability

The included breakfast is also worth noting. Served on your own terrace, you can awake to amazing views and gourmet food!

Complete Oia Santorini Travel Guide: Everything You need to Know | Dana Berez Greece Travel Guide

Check Rates & Availability

Other Hotels In Oia

Getting Around Oia

The only way to get around Oia is by walking. On the outskirts, you can drive, but in the center of town, it’s pedestrians only.

I’d also like to mention how steep and slippery the steps can get, especially if you are staying down the caldera. Oia is also on the smaller side.

You can discover nearly all of it in just one day, but of course, there are plenty of side streets you can explore.

From the Airport/ Ferry

The best way to get to Oia from the airport or ferry station is by car. You can get a taxi or pre-arrange a ride which is priced at a flat rate starting at $35.

There are busses that run along the same road as well, but after a long flight, I definitely would recommend having it arranged for a stress-free transfer.

When to Visit Oia

Santorini is a hot sunny destination for most of the year, especially from May through September. The best time to visit Oia is right after high season.

September is a great time because the weather is still sunny and hot and you’ll have fewer crowds!

The Crowds in Oia

I always heard that Santorini is incredibly crowded, and is that’s TRUE! Santorini receives about 10,000 daily cruise ship passengers alone. At around 8:30 am you’ll start to notice the crowds coming in.

To be honest, I think Santorini is too crowded, that’s why I loved staying at the Ducato Suites for privacy and views I didn’t have to fight for.

Top Things to Do in Oia

Watch the Sunset

You can’t visit Oia and not see the sunset! Santorini is famous for that very reason and the sunsets are spectacular. Because they are so beautiful, you will not be the only one witnessing it.

People do stake out their spot hours in advance so prepare for that. A great place to watch the sunset is Oia Castle.

If you want a more memorable way to watch the sunset I would recommend a sunset catamaran tour.

Witness the Oia Sunrise.

While it’s not nearly as famous as the sunset, it’s a great time to walk around with nearly no tourists.

Of course, there will be other people taking photos, but its’ the closest to what it would feel like having this hotspot all to yourself. 

Watching the sun come up over the mountain is also the best way to start the day.

Complete Oia Santorini Travel Guide: Everything You need to Know | Dana Berez Greece Travel Guide

Get lost and take some photos

Oia is such a picturesque place, leaving without a few good photos would be a shame. Check out my “Santorini Instagram Spots” post for some inspiration.

Complete Oia Santorini Travel Guide: Everything You need to Know | Dana Berez Greece Travel Guide

Where to Eat in Oia

There are so many restaurants in Oia to choose from, and nearly all of them are on the pricer side. I still can’t believe I paid 11 Euro for two coffees at Meteor Cafe.

Granted the views were beautiful, but the coffee price was just crazy. Anyway, here are my top favorites.

Pelekanos Rooftop Restaurant: I ended up coming here twice during my stay. It might be easy to walk by because it’s almost hidden on the main road, but once upstairs you’ll have an awesome view.

The food was delicious, and not too overpriced. And the service hands down was awesome! Everyone working was so nice and we ended up having a conversation with our server getting a better insight into the locals living in Oia!

I love making these connections when traveling.

Pitogyros: If you want a quick bite to eat then check out Pitogyros. It’s located near the bus stops which may be a  little walk for some, but the food is definitely worth it.

You can take away or dine on the outdoor patio. Also a cheap eat!

How Expensive is it?

Santorini is pricy in pretty much every category from accommodations to food. As we know, it is one of the top destinations in the world! Hotels in Oia start from $300 and go up from there.

A meal for two at a restaurant with appetizers, drinks, main courses, and deserts was around 80-100 Euros. It’s defiantly a place where you need to be prepared to splurge a little, especially comparing it to other Greek Islands.

Complete Oia Santorini Travel Guide: Everything You need to Know | Dana Berez Greece Travel Guide

What to Pack for Oia

Santorini is a bit more sophisticated when it comes to dressing. It is a town where people like to dress up, so  I loved wearing flowy white and blue dresses that reflected the scenery. 

I would also pack a comfortable pair of shoes. While Santorini is pretty flat, you will be walking up a lot of stairs (more than I expected) and a closed-toe pair of classic espadrilles will make it easier to walk around and keep you stylish. I wear these espadrilles on all my Meditteraran trips and swear they are more comfortable than my sneakers! 

Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen! It is complete must it’s still hot in September. And trust me, you don’t want to pay for it there because It will be way overpriced. 

And for all my trips, I always pack these 23 essential travel items that make packing a breeze! 

Find my favorite looks here:


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The Cats

Can’t forget about my furry friends. To all the cat people out there: be prepared to find cats everywhere.

I am a huge cat lover and I was so happy finding them around every corner.

General Greece Travel Tips

Hotels: Be sure to book your accommodation in advance. There is not a lot of options on the market and the iconic suites do book up in advance. Find hotels here.

Ferries: Pre-book your ferries so you don’t run the risk of selling out. I booked all of mine through Ferry Hopper and would recommend them! All of our ferries were on time and was a smooth process. 

Entertainment: One of my favorite ways to pass time during ferry or plane rides is listening to audiobooks. Get a FREE audiobook for 30 days with code: DANA.

Language: Why not Learn some Greek before you go! Check out Rosetta Stone packages here. 

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