Ultimate Milos Greece Travel Guide (2024)

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Milos Greece

Ultimate Milos Greece Travel Guide

In this Milos Greece Travel Guide, I will cover everything you need to know when planning a trip to Milos; including top Milos travel tips like where to stay and the best things to do in Milos. Discover why everyone is raving about this stunning Greek Island.


What to Expect

Milos is a medium-sized island in the Cyclades known for its out-of-this-world beaches with turquoise waters and fishing villages. The island itself is quite rural. There is about one main road that leads you throughout the island connecting you to the major towns.

It is a perfect island for travelers looking for picturesque landscapes and a calming vacation. It’s not known for a party scene, but you can find a lively bar and restaurant

scene in the main town of Plaka. If you are looking for a unique island to visit with plenty of beaches, Milos has you covered!


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Milos Greece

How to Get to Milos

You can arrive in Milos by both plane or ferry depending on where you are traveling from. My general rule of thumb when it comes to planning ferry/ plane rides throughout the Greek Islands is to be flexible.

There may be delays or cancelations depending on the high winds. A friend visiting Milos on the same dates as I had to deal with a flight cancelation due to high winds, and was rebooked the following day.

However, I had no problems arriving by ferry. I pre-booked my ride on Ferry Hopper, and used this site for all my ferries throughout the Greek Island and had no complications.

The benefit of arriving and leaving by ferry is that you don’t have to pay for luggage. This is a huge plus especially if you bring a large checked bag. 




Where to Stay in Milos

There are three popular areas to stay in Milos: Adamantas (the port),  Plaka (main town), or Pollonia (the fisherman’s village).

I stayed in the fisherman’s village of Pollonia and just loved the area, and have stayed there all my times visiting Milos.

Pollonia has a charming local vibe with seaside restaurants, a small beach, and fisherman boats. Pollonia is a perfect area for couples or families that want a quiet scene, but still, be near restaurants with a charming vibe. 

If you are looking for more nightlife and energy then Plaka might be a better fit. It is the most populated area of the island, but it is situated in a hilly landscape. A negative is that you’ll have to find parking outside Plaka and walk up to your accommodation.

Milos GreecePollonia Village

Milos Waves Luxury Apartments

I stayed in Milos Waves Apartments, which is located in the village of Pollonia. Milos waves is a two-unit beach house located directly on the north side of the island offering stunning views and a perfect spot to watch the sunset.

The apartment is modernly renovated with a full-size kitchen, a modern bathroom, and private outdoor space. There is also a private beach area with chairs and umbrellas for Milos Waves Guests.

I liked being in an apartment-style accommodation so I could cook and prepare our own food. Milos is a more rural island, and there aren’t lots of restaurants near the beaches. Making a small lunch to go for our beach days was extremely helpful.

milos waves

Milos Greece


How to Get around Milos

Milos is more rural than other Greek Islands, so depending on busses to get you around will take more time and energy. The amazing beaches are spread out throughout the island, so it’s best to rent a car to have full flexibility.

I rented my car through Milos Rent. This is one of the most popular car rentals in Milos with an office in Adamantas, conveniently across from the ferry port, Pollonia, and the airport.

I would highly suggest pre-renting your car online to guarantee the type and model that you want. I didn’t book in advance and had to pay a little more than planned because all the smaller automatic gear vehicles were already rented for the week.

Driving around Milos is actually quite relaxing. Once you drive outside of the main areas of Adamantas or Plaka, there is just one paved road that takes you through the island. The rest of the roads shown on Google Maps are dirt roads.

Plaka does get a bit difficult to visit because there is no driving in the town center. You’ll have to park outside of Plaka and walk up. This makes staying in Plaka a bit difficult because you’ll have to carry your luggage from the parking lot to your accommodation.


What to do in Milos

Milos Beaches

The beaches in Milos are just incredible, and probably the number one reason why you would want to visit this beautiful Island. Because they are so unique, I wrote another post all about the best beaches in Milos 

papafragas beach milos island

papafragas beach milos island
Papafragas Beach


Explore Plaka

Whether you stay in Plaka or not, it’s definitely a charming town you’ll have to spend some time in. The streets are just so picturesque with small boutiques, restaurants, and winding corners.

It’s a great idea if the weather is not favorable, or if you need a break from the sun. I’d suggest having lunch, or heading to Plaka to watch the sunset!

plaka milos

Watch the Sunset at Sarakiniko

While it’s not Santorini, the sunset hues are definitely worth watching in Milos. My favorite place to watch the sunset was at Sarakiniko beach.

The moonscape atmosphere and space-like rock formations were just unlike anything I have seen before. Watching the sunset here definitely should be on your list.

sarakiniko beach milos

Milos Greece


Where to Eat in Milos Greece

Medusa, Mandrakia: This was by far my favorite Greek restaurant in Greece! The location was remote, in the village of Mandrakia, located on the northern part of the island. The whole atmosphere was just stunning, overlooking the water and the food was so fresh and cooked to perfection. If you enjoy authentic Greek cuisine, then you will definitely like Medusa.

You can even see the octopus drying in the sun. Just look out for all the cats that want some of your meals. I would arrive early for lunch, as it gets busy fast.

medusa milos

Enalion, Plaka: Another restaurant I loved was Enalion right in the center of Plaka. The shrimp was delicious and the view was charming. Defiantly worth visiting.

What to Pack for Milos Greece

Water Shoes: Besides packing some sundresses and swimsuits, the most essential thing to pack for Milos would be WATER SHOES. The beaches in Milos have all kinds of terrain including rocks, and sand.

These water shoes protected my feet from small pebbles and hot sand. The best part is they come in over 50 colors and patterns and are only $13!

Waterproof Phone Case & wallet: When checking out all the beaches in Milos, you’ll want to make sure that your valuables don’t get wet and lost! These cases protect your valuables and keep your phone spotted at all times.

Sunscreen: Don’t forget your sunscreen because purchasing it in Greece can get very expensive, and you’ll need it being in the sun all day!



How much does Milos Grece Cost

Milos Island Island is not as expensive as other Greek islands like Santorini, or Mykonos. Milos is famous for its natural landscape so you won’t be spending too much money on activities.


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General Greece Travel Tips

Hotels: Be sure to book your accommodation in advance. There are not a lot of options on the market and the iconic suites do book up in advance. Find hotels here.

Ferries: Pre-book your ferries so you don’t run the risk of selling out. I booked all of mine through Ferry Hopper and would recommend them! All of our ferries were on time and were a smooth process. 

Language: Why not Learn some Greek before you go! Check out Rosetta Stone packages here. 


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