Top 8 Mykonos Instagram Spots You Can’t Miss

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Mykonos Travel Guide

Top 8 Mykonos Instagram Spots You Can’t Miss

Get your cameras ready, I am mapping out the top 8 Mykonos Instagram Spots You Can’t-Miss. And if you are headed to the Cyclades, be sure to check out my Mykonos Travel Guide next. Let’s get on with the list!

One thing that I loved about this island is how charming Mykonos Town was. Nearly every corner was photogenic, so you won’t have a problem finding spots to photograph. And the best part about this list is all of these spots are located near each other so you can definitely get them in one day! I

have included a map below to help you navigate around. While some of the streets are hidden on Google Maps, I did my best to map the exact spot.

Tip: I would head to town in the morning before noon to take photos. During this time, the shops and restaurants are still closed, and people are just headed to work. I didn’t have any issues with crowds, unlike Santorini.

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1. Blue Shop Street

Forgive me on how I actually name these Mykonos Instagram Spots because there isn’t really one out there. But there is a beautiful street in the town where all the accents of the buildings are painted this uniform sea blue.

While nearly all the streets have this same vibe, this one stood out more to me.

Getting here before the shops open is ideal. Even when I was taking this photo, a shop owner was setting up her stand. It took a bit of patience to have the street be completely empty but so worth it.

Top Mykonos Instagram Spots You Can't Miss | Mykonos Greece Photography Ideas

2. Steps on Serakonta Street

These exact steps are located on Serakonta Street underneath this impressive pink bougainvillea. For easier reference look at the map below. I just loved how this street captured the essence of this charming old town.

Top Mykonos Instagram Spots You Can't Miss | Mykonos Greece Photography Ideas

3. #Happiness Sign

Probably included in every Mykonos Instagram Spots list is the Happiness sign and for a reason. It centers this street perfectly and has a great message! I feel happy looking at it!

Mykonos Instagram Spots

4. Kato Mili Windmills

The Kato Milo Windmills are definitely not to be missed. They are located just outside of Little Venice and offer a panoramic view of the town.

Out of all the spots on the list, this one was the busiest, but with patience, you can get some nice angels of the Windmills.

mykonos windmills mykonos windmills

5. Panachra Church

You can spot Panachra church easily by finding these colorful flag lining the street. This is an operating church, so I had to come back when the church was not in session.

mykonos instagram spots

6. Pink Bougainvillea

Just steps from Panachra Church lies this small square covered by this impressive pink bougainvillea tree.

This is my favorite flower of the Mediterranean so I take any chances snapping the prettiest ones I see.

Even in late September, it was still blooming.

Mykonos Instagram Spots

7. Avra Restaurant

Not sure if it was this beautiful narrow alleyway or the fact that the lighting seeped in so nicely, but the outside of Avra Restaurant should not be missed.

avra mykonos

8. 180 Sunset Bar

This bar is located on the hill behind Mykonos Town offering epic views. You can get here by either walking up the steepest hill of your life, or you can take a taxi to the top of the hill entrance.

I wanted to spend a few hours here so I reserved a table in the front row. If you want to have front row seating, a reservation is mandatory and a 100 Euro minimum spend.

Otherwise you can be seated on a first come first serve basis, and tables fill up quickly! You can still get awesome photos with or without a reservation. The view is worth coming up here for!

180 sunset bar mykonos


Map View of the Instagram Spots

All photos are edited with my Presets!

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  1. Gorgeous photos! I went in September and it was so busy, I really struggled with not getting people in the shots!

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