Mykonos Travel Guide | Top Things to See & Do

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Mykonos Travel Guide | Top Things to See & Do

In this Mykonos Travel Guide, I will cover everything you need to know visiting this popular Greek Island including where to stay and the top things to do. If you need some inspiration for a warm getaway, look no further. 

Mykonos Greece

Welcome to Mykonos Greece, Greece’s cosmopolitan island mostly known for its beach club scene, stunning resorts, and lavish dining.

This island was our last and final stop on our Greek trip after Santorini, Milos, and Paros; and we were ready to see how it differed from the rest of the islands we went to for this Mykonos Travel Guide.

First off, Mykonos is one of the priciest islands to visit in Greece. Accommodation, food, and even taxis are going to cost you more than they would on other islands, but it’s Mykonos so I expected to pay a bit more for everything.

The energy is just bustling, so be prepared to have a good time. And even if you aren’t too much in the party scene (I didn’t even go to a beach club) you will still have a great time!

In this Mykonos Travel Guide, I will be sharing with you the best that this island has to offer!

How to Get to Mykonos

You can either fly or take a ferry into the island. If you are coming in from Athens, it would only be a 40-minute flight or a 2-hour ferry from the port.

Since I was coming in from another island, it made the most sense to take a ferry.

I pre-booked all my ferry rides with Ferry Hopper, which gives accurate ferry timetables and routes making planning travel within Greece a Breeze.

check routes here

Where to Stay in Mykonos

Probably the most popular area to stay on the island would-be Mykonos town where most of the dining and bar scene is located.

While Mykonos town is the center, I actually stayed just a 5-minute ride north of Mykonos town in the area called Tourlos.

This area is popular amongst other hotel resorts overlooking the Marina and beautiful Greek water.

Mykonos Riviera Hotel

I stayed at Mykonos Riviera Hotel, a 5-star hotel with an impressive infinity pool. The rooms are spacious with natural elements and a nautical theme throughout.

I highly enjoyed our private outdoor jacuzzi with an amazing view overlooking the water. I liked being away from the crowds of the town to enjoy the serenity of the hotel.

Mykonos Riviera Hotel

Mykonos Riviera was so comfortable and luxe, I didn’t even want to leave the hotel! I was entertained throughout the day relaxing by the pool, having drinks, and a snack before heading out to town at night.

The hotel even offers free shuttle service into town at night which was appreciated- taxis can add up quickly.

Mykonos Riviera Hotel

Mykonos Riviera Hotel

Check Prices & Availability

other Mykonos Hotels

How To Get Around Mykonos

Should you rent a car or not? It really depends on where you are staying and your plans for your trip. The majority of things happen in Mykonos Town, which is pedestrian-only. If you are staying near there I don’t think you should rent a car.

However, if you plan on checking out the beaches which are mostly located on the south side of the island you may want to look into an ATV or car even for just one day.

I ended up not renting a car. I didn’t regret it because I used the free shuttle service my hotel provided at night to get to and from the old town.

Also, if you plan on enjoying the Greek sun with 1 or 4+ cocktails, it may be best to rely on taxi’s entirely.

What to Do in Mykonos

Explore Mykonos Town

It is a must to get out and explore Mykonos Town. While it may look like there are so many streets to discover, in reality, you can cover most of it within a day.

I enjoyed finding beautiful corners filled with bougainvillea to photograph, checking out the small boutique shops (which reminded me of Paros), and even finding a spot to have a drink.

If you are with a group of friends and want to have a drink, check out Skandinavian Bar!

During the morning, there is hardly anyone walking around which makes it a perfect time to take photos. Around noon the town gets going a bit more, shops and restaurants start to open, etc.

Be sure to check Little Venice and the Windmills off your list that I included in my Mykonos Instagram Spots list.

Little Venice

Catamaran Cruise

We only had three days on the island and wanted to discover what the rest of Mykonos was like. Our options were to rent a car and drive around or go on an all-day catamaran cruise.

The answer was simple: we went on the cruise. 

Mykonos Boat Tour

Mykonos Boat Tour

We went with Mykonos Elyachting and had the best time! While this was probably the most expensive activity we did in Greece, everything was included in the price: transportation to and from the port, unlimited wine & beer, snacks, and lobster pasta lunch. 

I especially loved this tour because we sailed throughout all the southern part of the island & checked out all the beach clubs. While we didn’t stop at any, it was fun to see them partying from the boat.

We then rode past Delos, an important archeological site until we docked for lunch and swim next to Rhenia and inhabited island off of Mykonos. The water was unbelievably clear to swim in.

Even someone found an octopus swimming by! If you are looking for a boat tour, this one was great and a highlight of my trip. 

Mykonos Boat Tour

Catch the Sunset

180 Sunset Bar: Even though it’s not a Santorini sunset, the sunset views here are still jaw-dropping. The best view in the house would be at the popular 180 Sunset Bar.

I have heard mixed reviews on this spot, but I had an amazing time! From the service to the ambiance, everything was spectacular.

Fun Mykonos Travel Guide: Mykonos Greece Photography Where to drink

But knowing these tips before going would help. You need to have a reservation in order to sit on the front row with unobstructed views of the sunset.

These tables have a minimum spend of 100 euros and are blocked off by a rope so if you don’t have reservation security will be quick to kick you out of the area. 

If you don’t have a reservation, seating is first come first serve so arrive before they open as a line does form. 

I made a reservation to be seated in the front row. As drinks are 17 Euros already, spending the minimum was not hard to reach with 3 cocktails each and some bites! Even though on the pricy end, it was worth it! 

Fun Mykonos Travel Guide: Mykonos Greece Photography Where to drink

Mykonos 180 Sunset Bar View

Where to Eat in Mykonos

Kalita Restaurant: Recommended by our hotel as a favorite, this tucked-away restaurant in Mykonos town had a beautiful and romantic ambiance with live pianist and incredible dishes.

While on the pricer side, this was a great spot for a nice dinner on the town. 


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General Greece Travel Tips

Hotels: Be sure to book your accommodation in advance. There are not a lot of options on the market and the iconic suites do book up in advance. Find hotels here.

Ferries: Pre-book your ferries so you don’t run the risk of selling out. I booked all of mine through Ferry Hopper and would recommend this booking site. All of the ferries were on time and were an overall smooth process.

You’ll have to print your tickets yourself or pay a euro or two for them to print your ticket at the ferry port.

Entertainment: One of my favorite ways to pass time during ferry or plane rides is listening to audiobooks. Get a FREE audiobook for 30 days with code: DANA.

Language: Why not Learn some Greek before you go! Check out Rosetta Stone packages here.

Hope you enjoyed this Mykonos Travel Guide!

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Disclaimer: Mykonos Riviera Hosted me during this stay to be featured in this post, as always, all opinions are my own. This post does contain affiliate links.


  1. Ok the photos from your catamaran cruise are INSANE. That water!! I really want to go but as you say, it’s a little pricey compared to some of the other islands so I might do a separate trip at some point. Thanks for the pointers!

    1. Hi Olivia! Thank you so much, yes the catamaran cruise was by far my favorite activity! I hope you get to Mykonos soon!

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